6 Reasons Why You Want To Win Your Company Contests

I love challenges. I also love free vacations. Perhaps that is why I really enjoy having my company reward me with recognition and trips all the time. Since I have been in my company (10 months) I have won three killer vacations and about to win a fourth. The first was a 5 day all expenses paid for two to St Kitts. We stayed at the Marriott on the beach, took a privately chartered plane there and it was awesome! The second was a 3 day cruise to the Bahamas which was a lot of fun and then tomorrow, (Sunday, June 20th), we leave on an 8 day cruise to Cozumel, Grand Cayman, Isla Roatan, Belize and Honduras. It is going to freaking rock! In this blog I share why it is so important to try your best and do what it takes to win these contests.

NOTE: I will NOT be available for the next 8 days. Love you team, you can accomplish some major things while I am gone, I have faith in you!

Reason #1 -To have a sense of accomplishment and get recognition. In life there are so many areas where we work hard but hardly ever get recognition. Just ask any mother, teacher, or single parent. Winning a company contest gives you a real and valid sense of accomplishment that you can be proud of. Just think, of the thousands or millions of people in your organization, you were one of the few that won!

Reason #2 -To gain powerful online content. This one is not to be underestimated. Guess what? People want to be with winners. People want to enroll with winners. Imagine putting a video on your blog of how you won a company contest. That makes you a leader and a winner! It immediately sets you apart from all the others that are simply talking about how great they are. You actually are! Then imagine what it would be like to shoot videos and take pictures at the different locations. You will become an online attraction magnet when you do this. You may make more money from the contest when you come back that in the actual contest from all the new people you sponsor!

Reason #3 -To spend time with the leaders and founders. How would you pay to hang around the top recruiters and money earners and pick their brains on strategies to build your business? How about to spend 3-8 days with them? I bet some of you would spend thousands of dollars to do that, well, wouldn’t it be better to get that for FREE? Also, think of the pictures and videos you can shoot with all the leaders and founders. More internet marketing GOLD for you!

Reason #4 -To create memories that can never go away. A few days ago I made a video that talked about stuff vs. experiences. Experiences are things that no one or no thing can ever take away from you. I encourage you to embrace that life is made up of experiences, not stuff. It is the amazing experiences you tell your kids about, not the car you drove. This may be the event that gets your spouse to actually like network marketing! lol

Reason #5 – To have some freaking fun! OK, this is really rule number one isn’t it? I recall my painful, painful times in a cubicle in corporate America where the thought of jumping out the window appeared more appealing than another meeting in the conference room. Everyone, network marketing is NOT SO DAMN SERIOUS! Lighten up and have some freaking fun! When you win a contest like this you deserve to take a break, and here is the cool thing about network marketing, if you have built your business right, YOU ARE MAKING MONEY WHILE YOU ARE SNORKELING! That’s right! Residual income pays you while you are on vacation! Gotta love it!

Reason #6 – To have a whole new set of prospects! Haha, you like this one don’t you? In this economy, you want to be around people that can still afford a nice vacation. They make perfect prospects! I am not saying not to have fun and just to work the whole time but hey, what’s the worst that could happen? You might find a crusher on one of your company trips! In my opinion, it is MUCH better to collect business cards or information to follow up with people versus just crush them down on the trip or hand them your stuff. Follow up is very powerful in this regards!

Well, I am going to miss you all while on my trip, but not enough to worry about it! HAHA, love you all!

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