7 Tips on Getting More People
to Your Home or Hotel Meeting


So you have a big home or hotel meeting coming up for your Network Marketing Business? Here are 7 tips to get more people there.

First Let’s Tackle the Home Meeting

First of all, check out my definitive guide to running a home meeting, it will help you with the meeting portion. There are a few strategies with this, here are some suggestions

1. Use the respect invite. Say this to your prospect, Listen, I respect you, I think you respect me, all I am asking is come to this meeting, there is no commitment and if you don’t like what you see, I won’t ever bother you with it again. Of course, you will bother them with it later on but it sure sounds good. =) By the way, I never “bother” but I may call prospects who said no with an “update” and ask for referrals.

2. Need their help. You can say that the people who were supposed to come bailed on you and you don’t want to be embarrassed in front of the upline speaker, ask them to please come just to be seat fillers. Depending on where they are in life, those seat fillers just might become your next signups!

3. Pick them up. Tell them you have to pick up something in their area and you would be happy to pick them up and take them to the meeting, this also works well for the hotel meeting you may put on.

 Pack Em In for Your Hotel Meeting

You have more free range with marketing a hotel meeting as you don’t have to worry about creepers coming to your house (especially if you are a woman). Here are some tips I am willing to bet your company didn’t tell you.

1. You can use most of the tactics above mentioned for the home meeting.

2. Create a Facebook event, but do it in a certain way. Most people will create an event with the name of their company in their event. The problem with this is, it intrigues people and people will not wait to learn more, they will google it and what happens when they google it, their attention will be drawn to the one negative article out of 50,000 positive ones and they won’t show because they think it’s a scam. Or, they may have heard about your company and will base their decision on coming on what they think they already know.

Instead, focus on what the meeting DOES not what it IS. A hotel meeting can do a lot of things that you can use in your marketing:
– Learn how to make an additional income from home without hiring a babysitter
– Learn how to make an additional $500 per month (if you are an currently employed)
– Learn how You can spend more time with your family while making $1100 a month part time
– Learn how You can win a Free cruise by following a proven system

Those lines all intrigue and they also prevent the person reading them from doing any research prior to the hotel meeting.

3. Possible business expansion. If you are inviting a commission driven sales person or a business owner, tell them to bring their business cards for some networking. Tell them about the good people that will be at the hotel meeting and how they might pick up a customer. People are infinitely more likely to come to a casual networking event than a pitch-a-thon.

4. Give away prizes. Depending on your compensation plan, determine how much you make per person that joins and then how many people it takes to get in front of a hotel or home meeting to get your first signup. It looks like this, if it takes you 10 people to get one signup and each signup is worth $100, then, each attendee is worth $10. That means you can safely give away a $5 starbucks or Barnes and Noble card to people just for attending. This is a test and track sort of thing, IF you are inviting people you have credibility with or are professionals, this will work out like gang busters. If you are inviting leaches, well, again, test and track. This is the principle of ALL marketing by the way, customer acquisition cost dictates marketing budget. There are people that pay $1,200 to acquire a customer but if the profit is there, who cares. How many $5 bills would you spend if you made $10 each time you spend the $5? Hopefully, as many as possible.

Biggest Suggestion to Boost Attendance

Show up. Whether you have a prospect coming or not, show up, support your team. That way the team will in turn support you. The worst thing that can happen is you finally get a prospect to come and there are hardly anyone there, well, if the team alone shows up, it should be exciting enough to help persuade that prospect.

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