4 Tips To Increased Targeted Traffic

As a full time Network Marketer and one who sponsors using the Internet quite frequently, I am ALWAYS looking for increased targeted traffic. Notice the particular way I word that, Increased Targeted Traffic, that means to of course increase your traffic but more importantly, your targeted traffic or those most likely interested in your opportunity. In this blog I give you 4 tips that have helped me.

Tip Number One: Don’t Walk Down the Middle of The Road. Someone once shared with me that if you walk down the middle of the road you get hit by traffic both ways. How the heck does that apply to increased targeted traffic? Well, let me give you one example. After spending time looking at those I have sponsored into my primary business, I noticed a couple themes but one overwhelming glaring theme was the agreement with the dissatisfaction of the current US administration. Now, not to get overly political here but, this was simply a fact about the MAJOR majority of those I had sponsored. So, I put out some marketing piggybacking off that theme and had excellent results. I ran radio ads (pointing them to a 24 hour recorded message and website) and did some things on social media to target those that also didn’t agree with the current US administration. The results were excellent. Funny thing is I did get some backlash from Obama supporters but those that did, after reviewing their profiles, probably never would have joined anyway. Bottom line, being bold about where you and your prospects stand can set you apart.

Tip Number Two: There is no such thing as an online lottery ticket. Like anything worth having in life, there is no easy button for your success. The likelihood of creating that next viral video that gets viewed 3.2 million times is highly unlikely. Have discipline in your online marketing efforts. That does not mean doing every act of Internet marketing, just the ones you choose to do. Creating videos, writing articles, etc will pay off to get you traffic but only if you keep doing it. Not seeing any traffic yet? Keep doing it and you will. Most will not follow this, but, most will also never have the life they deserve.

Tip Number Three: Create Re-Usable Training. Most of you reading this will be network marketers, why, because that is who I target. I have done the following to make money:
– Worked my way up corporate America (quit an $80,000/yr job at 25)
– Bought an advertising franchise
– Bought and was my own landlord for 37 rental units (surprised I made it out alive)
– Traveled 22 days a month as a sales platform speaker. Somedays made $20,000 in 90 mins but living out of a suitcase is not fun
Not to digress but of all the things I have ever done, I believe network marketing is THE best, lowest risk and most profitable way to earn a living. So, that is who I target. For those that are in my primary business, I create re-usable training. You may ask yourself, where do you get the ideas for re-usable training. Pay attention to the questions that reps ask and if you find yourself training someone the exact same way you did the last time, perhaps that should be an article, video or audio. As your team builds, this can greatly increase your traffic to your sites.

Tip Number Four: The Tribe Has Spoken. After a whole lot of thought and research I decided to join a tribe. No, not the ones where you sit around a campfire and talk about the white mans transgressions but the one that helps you get your content syndicated. This is a really cool concept and I have already met some great people through it. I decided to join the Unified Tribe. The Unified Tribe is actually a paid service where you are part of a tribe that is points based. For you to get your content retweeted, facebooked, stumbluponed or dug, you have to earn points by helping others first. Now, there are certainly ways to do this for free but in thinking about the theme of this blogpost, I was desiring serious Internet marketers, well, only a serious Internet marketer would pay to be part of a group such as this and that is EXACTLY who I want to be targeting. You know, one thing that will kill you online is the word FREE. FREE can zap your time, scatter your brain and efforts and waste something much more important than money, and that is time. Katie Freiling is the woman that runs this tribe and she is razor sharp. If you wish to check it out, you can watch a video on how it works here.

Hope you enjoyed these 4 Tips for Increased Targeted Traffic To Your Blog or Website and you start applying them and seeing some great results!

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