3 Ways to Fail as a Network Marketing Recruiter

This is part two of a spoof series of blogs. My first in the series upset some people as they thought I was taking some excuses too lightly, quite the contrary, I wrote it to help people see their reasons for not succeeding in a different light. You cannot solve a problem without shining light on it. This is for those super recruiters that bring in lots of people but don’t support them and usually quit the business after 6 months leaving a trail of broken hearts and promises. If you desire to be “that guy” in your company, this will surely help you achieve the level of jerk as a network marketing recruiter. NOTE: If you don’t want to be that guy but you do hate people and hate supporting anyone, affiliate marketing is for you, not network marketing.

1. Over-promise. THE goldmine way to totally stink as a recruiter. This will have the wide-eyed rookies excited. Deep down they will know you are lying but that doesn’t matter, collecting that initial bonus check is the only thing that matters if you want to truly fail. Here are two bullet-proof ways to get people in and then have them hate you as a recruiter:

– Tell them how easy it is. There are various ways of doing that. Tell them you have a push button solution and they can literally sleep in a hammock and make $50,000 a month. When they question you, turn around and ask them, well, could you sleep in a hammock? Then perhaps do a take away by saying you are only looking for people committed to sleeping in a hammock. They will jump.

– Tell them you will give them personal sponsors. This really attracts the lazy and that is who you want to attract if you are to fail as a recruiter. If your goal is to fail, you certainly don’t want any duplication going on.

2. Avoid Supporting Your Team. This can be tricky as they may call from blocked lines or payphones. After 7 or 8 calls they may resort to extreme measures such as showing up at your house or impersonating your favorite uncle that you have a picture with on Facebook. This is a critical step to failing as a recruiter, if they call and tell you they are on fire on the side of the road, you cannot give in and throw water on them. Ignore their pleas for help, which, you did a great job by over-promising before they joined, and you are on your way to jerk stardom!

3. Pitch them multiple opportunities. Want to miserably fail as a network marketing recruiter? Have a contest with other super recruiters that also don’t support their team on how many different bonus checks you can get from each victim within a one month time span. Although you know that no one is ever successful at working multiple companies at the same time, well, that’s why you do it! Here are some phrases you may use in emails to people who recently joined:

“Hey, I saw you joined my _____ team and I was thinking, I bet you probably have a cellphone and you might like free cellphone service, if not, don’t worry about it but if you do, you may want to join my free cellphone team at this link ____________, if I can save you on your cellphone service, that means more money for leads right?!?”

“Welcome to my _____ team. I am picking 5 people to personally mentor and bring to the top with me but I want to make sure you are serious. I already have 4 people that I have picked that showed how serious they are. If you are serious about being personally mentored by me, the number 3 earner from Excel, million dollar mentor to the stars and all-around great guy, join my companion program that will help you with your electric bill. Since the deregulation of electricity, this will show me you are serious.” (Some of them don’t even have to make sense)

There you go, the perfect blueprint to failing and being hated at the same time as a network marketing recruiter. The overriding rule that HAS to be coupled with the above ways to fail is you HAVE to be arrogant. Your bonus checks and hatred from others will continue to blossom and rise at the rate of your cockiness and arrogance. You can do it!

***Why did I write this? I wrote this blog in a manner that I hope helps people really trying to succeed in network marketing not only what not to do but also raise your awareness that there ARE people who operate like what I wrote in this blog. Do not sign up with people who over promise you anything, you will be disappointed. Network marketing is not easy, it is hard work and anyone that tells you differently is wrong. Now, if you have already signed with a jerk, that does not give you validation on why you should fail, you can reach up the levels of your network marketing company and in any good one you will eventually find someone to help you but it is up to you. YOU are the one responsible for your success.

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