3 Total Myths of MLM Recruiting

If you want to build a large team in your business, you better get good at MLM Recruiting. MLM Recruiting is an art, however, I talk to a lot of people that have misconceptions on this subject. If you do not have your head on straight and have the right mindset, mlm recruiting may always be a stuggle for you. This article will help you dispel the myths and be on your way to success!

Why do people have a hard time recruiting?

The number one reason is belief. They don’t believe in either themselves, their product or their system for building the business. You have to believe in both or you will not be able to recruit people into your business. I had one gentleman tell me that he didn’t want to recruit anyone as he didn’t think he could teach them how to build their business. Here is something that should be obvious but isn’t. You get what you ask for. If there is a part of you that doesn’t think people should sign up with you or your business, they won’t. None of the gadgets, buttons, scripts or tricks will help you if you do not believe. Believe that you deserve this and that we are at a time in our country where people are looking for help. You are not just selfishly building a business, you are helping others reach their financial goals at a time when they may not have any other options. Believe.

Myth #1 of MLM Recruiting – Being Nice and Caring are Not the Same Thing

I teach people to be powerful. Being powerful is not being addicted to the outcome and also not letting anyone take away your power. Too often we let people try to take away our dreams by telling us all the negative crap they have conjured up about any alternative way to make a living that doesn’t fall in line with their way of thinking. So, I teach people to be selective and when talking to a prospect to feel free to tell that prospect that the business may not be for them. But, some feel that this is not being very nice. Here’s the reality, the world is in a state where people need to be kicked in the butt not patted on the back. If someone is not doing what they said they were gonna do, returning your calls or showing up at your appointments, you can either do what the world has done for them their whole life and tell them it is OK or you can actually care about them and do something different. Tell them you are only looking for people that are hungry and apologize to them that you don’t think they are a fit for your business. What do they really want? They want to have a better life but they will never get there if someone doesn’t actually try to help them versus simply be nice to them. Ask yourself this question, do you prefer people pat you on the back or actually kick you in the butt to get you to perform at a higher level?

Myth #2 of MLM Recruiting – Your Business is a no-brainer, everyone should join

A lot of people see their business, get excited and think, wow, this thing is a no brainer, everyone will join this one! Well, here’s the reality, everyone looks through the lenses of the past at every opportunity so rarely is anyone able to flat look at your opportunity for what it is versus what they themselves are. This is not just true of MLM, it is true of EVERYTHING. Why is it some people seem to constantly fall into the same relationships? Because they are the same, they came with the same baggage they had before so they project that onto their partner until what they ask for comes true. Most of the people you will run into have had SOME sort of bad experience in business in the past and they project that onto your new wonderful opportunity. So, treat each prospect differently and listen to what their objections are and what is going on in their head versus push how great your business is.

Myth #3 of MLM Recruiting – The Lottery Ticket

Some people get into their business looking for a lottery ticket. They plan on recruiting their upline from another company or some big hitter that lives in the same city and then they can kick back and sail the high seas. Here’s the problem, heavy hitters know when they are being treated like a lottery ticket, so, if you plan on bringing a hitter on and putting it on snooze control, they will see right through you. To be good at recruiting you have to be a provider of value. You have to know what you bring to the table now and in the future. Why should the person sign with you? What will you do for their team? Do people get lucky and bring in a hitter and then never have to work? Yes, it happens, but, you have about as much chance as winning the lottery.

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