3 Tips to Increase Your Blog Traffic and Build Your List

Say after me, “If you build your list you will also increase your blog traffic”. Maybe you never thought of it that way but it is totally true. In this blog I am going to share 3 surefire ways for you to increase your blog traffic and at the same time, build your list.

The Number 1 Way to Build Your List…

…is to increase your blog traffic. And the Number 1 Way to increase your blog traffic is to build your list. OK, am I going to do anything but talk in circles in this blogpost or what? Well, to understand your goal as a content/online marketer you need to understand that those two things are true.

Build your list = increase blog traffic


Increase blog traffic = better building of your list

So, first, lets talk about blog traffic.

Best way, by far, to increase your blog traffic

Ready for this? It is real simple. Be consistent. If you blog once a week or less, that is not very consistent. Check out the picture which is a comment from my good friend Amanda:
When you are consistent, people will want to come back to your site often, will be willing to share it via social media and will even comment on it on how much they like it. By the way, you can connect with Amanda on Facebook here.

So, the big question is, how do you come up with content? This recent blog will help you 3 red hot ways to come up with blog content and just having common sense will help too. What are the problems of the target market you are going after? What are the questions people ask you about your company or product? What are the misconceptions? Always focus on your target market to come up with content and you are good to go. If that is not enough, you can also check out my friend Adam and Jordan’s new product called Tribal Content Syndication.

Once you increase blog traffic, focus on listbuilding

You have to be close, close attention to your optin offer. I see people with the following optins:

– Enter your name and email to get a free gift!

– Enter your name and email to get a special surprise!

– Enter your name and email to get on my list!

– Enter your name and email to hear all about me!

Those just do not cut it. Those, in fact, are all terrible. You have to have a very compelling offer nowadays to get someone to swap you their name and email. What would you toss and turn at night if you did NOT enter your information for? Then test it. Every month or so test your optin rate for unique visitors and test another offer. Right now I am averaging over 6% total for unique visitors and 23% click to optin rate from pay per click (not bad for a blog). But that came from testing and tracking. It is almost pointless to increase your blog traffic if you do not have a compelling giveaway. Now, I have people complain about my popup and if you are smart, you will use one too. It is worth the small percentage of easily angered people to write you a nasty comment. Some people go through life as consumers and the rest of us go through life as marketers studying what others are doing. If you are not getting 70+ optin leads per day, you may want to learn from someone who is, such as myself or other marketers. I do not use the more popular and prettier popup domination as it did not convert as well as the one I use now which is the MaxBlogPress plugin.

Lastly, after you have the blog traffic and built the list, take care of the list

One of our packed meetings in Vegas

If you followed my initial advice and are consistent with your content, you should NOT use annoying sales autoresponders on your list. You should write good content and then remember to also share that content with your list. This seems like common sense but based on my following a few other marketers, apparently this point needs to be shared.

You do NOT want to have your list get a sales message and a content email from your autoresponder everyday. This will flood their box and they will go away. If you have defined your avatar or your target market properly and your content is solving their problems, they will keep coming back. I told you that building your list would increase your traffic!

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