What an amazingly powerful workshop! We had a packed house
to the Law of Attraction Mastery Workshop in Fort Myers Today!

So powerful were the techniques discussed in today’s workshop
and so applicable to today’s environment!

Here are the three biggest things I learned today and a link
to the recording.

1. If you know how to accomplish your goals…THEY ARE NOT BIG
ENOUGH! Wow, so true, dream a big dream!
2. When you write your “present-tense, emotional” goals, being
in an attitude of gratitude or in a good mood is so key! Watch
a comedy before you start writing, or sing to yourself!
3. The best way for you to help the world is to become better
FOR the world. You cannot change the results, circumstances or
people around you but you can change your thoughts!

Now, for a very limited time, you can get the full recording of
the workshop for only $4.95! For the price of a Starbucks coffee
you can learn the techniques of my coach and mentor!

Here is the site:

To Your Vastness and Abundance!

Ray Higdon