Grow Your Multilevel Marketing MLM

There are many ways to grow your Multilevel Marketing MLM, some that work, some that in almost all cases will not work. This blog contains real, from the field, tested and proven tips that work.

Tip Number One: Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Most folks who get into multilevel marketing mlm companies immediately create a list in their head of who they believe will see their new business as a no-brainer and will immediately jump on board with them. I can guarantee you that reality is much different than how you imagine things in your mind. No matter how much of a no-brainer it is going to be for someone you know, don’t call them and tell them ANY of the following lines:
– We are gonna make a bunch of money
– You are going to be great at this
– It has a killer compensation plan
– Or for heavens sake don’t launch into a more than 4 minute conversation about the company
Why? Well, anything you do, they think they need to do and NO ONE wants to call their friends and family and give them a high pressure, carnival-like enthusiastic pitch nor do they want to rehearse a 20 minute presentation. You want to be an inviter when you are brand new, invite them to an overview video, lunch meeting, presentation, etc, but keep whatever you are doing short, sweet and simple so they believe they can do what you are doing. Starting off the conversation by saying “This may not be for you, but I just got involved in a _____ company…” can be very powerful.

Tip Number Two: Understand Where Frustration Comes From.

In my opinion, frustration is the difference between where you are and where you think you should be, or, in the case of multilevel marketing mlm building, who tells you yes or no versus who you think should tell you yes or no. If you understand that frustration is only generated when you have false expectations, you can cut frustration off at the pass. One way to do this is to cease being addicted to outcomes. Be diligent in your performance but do not be addicted to a set of outcomes. One type of training that embodies this concept is the GO FOR NO Training. You can set a goal of getting a certain amount of No’s each day, that way, you are not only non-addicted to the outcome but you are also creating a non-frustrating way for you to force yourself to talk to more people and multilevel marketing MLM is simply a numbers game. Translation, by going for no, you will get to some yes’s!

Tip Number Three: The Power of the Third Party.

This can be a tough tip for some to swallow. Those that are good at their job are used to being a strong performer and pulling their own (and perhaps others) weight. In multilevel marketing mlm companies, a person who was a fantastic salesperson can really become terrible if they do not grasp this concept. Multilevel Marketing mlm is ALL ABOUT DUPLICATION and if someone is a GREAT salesperson, it makes the people they are trying to sponsor to believe that they cannot do it as they are not as good a salesperson as the person pitching the company. I tell people that I bring into my business that great salespeople can build this type of business too, but, I have to de-train them first!  Building MLM is NOT about being the original superstar it is about following a system that ANYONE could copy and follow. When you allow your upline to help you out with 3 way calls or you tell people to check out some of your online or physical materials vs you explain everything, you are allowing them to see something that they can also duplicate.

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