Hidden Gotchas of
Money and the Law of Attraction


Everyone has heard of the law of attraction and everyone wants to attract more money, so, why don’t they? This post will help you with some gotchas in regards to attracting more of the green stuff.

How to use the Law of Attraction

It is pretty simple actually but few that have “heard” about money and the law of attraction don’t actually follow the right steps.

The Basic Steps to Attract What You Want

1. Figure out what you want
2. Conjure up the feeling of already having it
3. Never doubt that whatever you wanted is on its way

Simple right? Well then how come so many people are still broke? Because they are probably violating one of the hidden gotchas.

Why You May NOT Be Attracting What You Want

Here are the hidden gotchas that I see a LOT of people miss when it comes to applying money and the law of attraction:

1. Comparitis. This is a big one. While learning and focusing on what you want, a theory is you are shown exactly what you want but through other people. It is at that point you can turn the law of attraction for or against you. IF you see the success you desire manifested through someone else and you are happy for them, grateful that we live in a world that success is possible and you hold nothing but positive thoughts toward them, YOUR success is that much closer. However, if you, like most people, despise, become jealous of, conjure up reasons why their success is unwarranted, your have just put THAT energy into that form of success.

2. Doubt. First of all, before the action monkeys attack, YES, you need to take action toward your goals but the dominant thoughts you hold in your head are going to force HOW you do those actions and what shows up in your experiences. Never doubt. The law of attraction and money WILL respond to your thoughts so if you DOUBT that the law of attraction works, it will work and you’ll locate more things to doubt in your life. Take the actions you know you need to take for your business but hold in your mind that the universe is responding to you and what you want is on your way.

3. The Devil. Haha, did this one make you say “huh”? I believe the devil is that little voice in your head that is focused on keeping you from making change. It is the one that questions your worth, says things like “I know this already” or “this will never work” or “who do you think you are”. And here you thought only you heard those thoughts… If you are going to have something you have never had, you are going to have to do things you’ve never done AND think in ways you have never thought.

Money and the Law of Attraction Simplified

Every single thought you have about money needs to be positively charged. When you talk to your closest friend in the world, don’t tell them your story of being broke or how bad things are, just like Momma said “If you can’t say something nice about someone, don’t say it”, she should have included “something nice about YOU” in that statement as well.

Be happy for people of success. Best friend win the lottery or hit that new rank in your company, be happy for them!

Constantly repeat “I can afford that” when you pass an expensive car, house, whatever. Don’t get depressed when you receive a bill, feel the gratitude of having money all the while taking the actions in your life and business that will lead you to your goals.

To your abundance

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