3 Facebook Recruiting Mistakes
That Make You Look Dumb


Some of you might agree with me that the way people are attempting Facebook recruiting is getting a little out of hand. People are missing some core steps when attempting to recruit on Facebook and this post aims to help us all have a better time on Facebook.

Should You Even Bother With Facebook Recruiting?

Of course you should, it’s a goldmine. Anywhere there are ridiculous numbers of people hanging out for ridiculous amounts of time, that is fertile prospecting ground but before you dive into the masses and start beating people over the head with your network marketing business opportunity…there are some rules you should follow and some mistakes to avoid.

1. Attempting Facebook Recruiting With a Poor Profile is Dumb

The other day someone sent me a standard message pitching me on how awesome their comp plan was. Just for kicks I took a look at their profile and every other status update had a curse word and one of them was apparently directed at their ex-boyfriend (it was pretty raw). IF you are going to attempt to recruit someone into a business, you might consider at least pretending to be professional on your Facebook profile.

2. Facebook Recruiting via Spamming Always Works, Right?!?

The only thing worse than no results is negative results. If you want to turn off your friends, have them de-friend you and talk behind your back, then just place them all in a massive Facebook message pitching them your business. The terrible thing about this is when people reply to complain (and they will), everyone sees their responses and it confirms what everyone was already thinking and they join in the fray until your Facebook cred is battered, bloodied and bruised. NEVER send mass messages when you are attempting Facebook recruiting, it will never work.

 3. The Facebook Recruiting Drive By

This is the worst. Someone on Facebook takes a blatant sales message and just sends you a private message with their link to their MLM opportunity. Here are some examples:

“Hey Ray, I see you are into Network Marketing, me too! Listen, I thought of you when I found this amazing opportunity and I think with your connections you could REALLY do amazing with it!!

Check out the video at www.IamClueless.com/mythingyIgetpaidon

Good connecting with you and look forward to hearing back from you! – Lynda Newbie”

OK, so why is that so bad? First, it is disingenuous. We never actually “connected”, she just did a drive by on me and her poorly thought out message was meant to get me excited, which, it doesn’t as it looks more desperate than professional.

This is a major rule when it comes to Facebook recruiting…NEVER send an “unsolicited link” to anyone. Let me help you understand why…

Social Media is Like a House Party

How would you react if you were hanging with some friends at a house party and a guy charged through the group throwing his business card at everyone? It’s just a numbers game right? WRONG. Not in social media and not at a house party. To get better at Facebook recruiting, connect by asking questions, and then when the timing is right, talk to them about your opportunity. The good news is so many are doing Facebook recruiting totally wrong, YOU stand out when you do it right. The best Facebook recruiting training I have personally ever seen is actually…my wifes! You can watch it for Free at How To Recruit on Facebook.

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