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Facebook Prospecting: Pitched on Facebook? Get Them to Join your MLM Instead

The network marketer who made this video is the #1 female recruiter in her company and has recruited over 50 people from Facebook that she did not know and without using pay per click or advertising. This video is going to change the way you look at Facebook Prospecting forever.

Facebook Prospecting No-No's

1. Do not send an unsolicited link. 2. Do not post sales links or your company links on other people's walls. 3. Do not get frustrated when you are facebook prospecting yourself and someone pitches you their business. 4. Do not use hype in your facebook status updates. 5. Do not mass message annoying spam sales messages.

Is Facebook prospecting the only or best way?

There are certainly other ways to locate potential teammates than Facebook prospecting. There are some things to be aware of with Facebook prospecting that I cover in detail in my video Prospecting Scorecard. They are 1) people on facebook are highy skeptical as they have been pitched a dozen things and 2) they probably have something to pitch themselves. However, Facebook does represent a huge army of potential people to talk to about your business...if you do it the right way. Facebook prospecting is a game of patience. I would suggest that on average it will take you about 30 days to start getting real recruits into your business. If you put effort into this for 6 months you will start to see quicker and better results. Most people try anything for only 14 days before they quit, I can all but guarantee you that you will not see much results in 14 days so have some realistic expectations.

Video: Facebook Prospecting by Jessica - The top female recruiter

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