3 Biggest Reasons Why People Fail At Recruiting

There are many, many things that people could do to be better recruiters in Network Marketing but I wanted to cover the 3 biggest reasons why I see people fail at recruiting. As the number one income earner in my company I get to talk to a lot of people that are wanting to make it big in network marketing but perhaps not seeing the results they want to see. In fact, I probably talk to more than the usual amount of those people as I have instructed my company to have anyone that calls to cancel or calls the home office frustrated to have them contact me directly. That doesn’t mean I save all of them as some of them just want to quit to quit, they actually aren’t truly looking for help, but others need clear direction due to one reason or another and I try to help them.

So here they are, the 3 Biggest Reasons Why People Fail At Recruiting in Network Marketing

1. They Fail To Operate in an Attractive Manner That Others Could Envision Themselves Doing. Said shorter, they say too much! All the time I hear as a common excuse on why someone fails in network marketing is due to them NOT having any sales training or NOT being a salesperson. Here is the reality, sales people with extensive training can do network marketing too, I just have to DE-TRAIN them. If you come into network marketing having no sales experience, you are much more duplicatable as there are more of you out there than there are good sales people. AND, the problem with a lot of sales people is they have been trained their whole life to be the wolfpack salesperson of one and do it all on their own. Network marketing is NOT meant to be that sort of business. Every person a super salesman closes is a person that does not think they can duplicate what super salesman just did to them, so, they don’t. If you talk to people in a non-chalant way that is NOT salesy, you are much more appealing and have a much greater chance of long term network marketing success. I teach my new people to come in and be an inviter, not an explainer, trainer or presenter. If you are new and you spend more than 5 minutes talking to someone about your opportunity, you are probably saying too much! You want to invite your prospects to listen in on a company conference call, or, invite them to watch a company DVD or online video but you are NOT trying to close them. Lesson: The Less You Say, The More You Make

2. They Decide, Then Start Investigating. Here is a real common one. Someone joins a network marketing company, gets in the business, then goes to work to find out if they made the right decision. They start asking friends their opinions (instead of inviting), they search google for answers on if they got into a good company, they will spend more time trying to determine if they made a good decision than they took to actually make the decision.

Ask yourself these questions:

A) Would YOU want to sign up with someone who wasn’t sure if they were in the right business themself?

B) Would YOU invest your time, energy and heart with someone that wasn’t confident? (This goes for more than just network marketing, it goes for dating, etc)

C) The most important one, would you sign up with you?

Lesson: There is no power in being timid

3. They need to strike out more. The year that Babe Ruth broke the record for most homeruns, he also broke the record for most strike-outs. People that fail at recruiting do a really, really careful job of getting as few no’s as possible. They think it is about the batting percentage when it is really about the number of at-bats. For those not familiar with baseball, that means, it is the number of people you talk to about your opportunity than the percentage of people you close that leads to big numbers in recruiting. There are people out there LOOKING for the opportunity you have but you will never find them unless you talk to the 50 people before them that have no interest at all. I recall I was at a real estate investing seminar where I had just spoken on stage about my company and someone came up to me and told me that he was upset that no one ever approached him about network marketing. He said, and I quote, “Why the hell doesn’t anyone ever approach me about network marketing? I make seven figures a year selling insurance but NO ONE ever approaches me about network marketing and I LOVE the concept.” How many people just had an “ah-hah” moment. There are people out there that would LOVE to hear about your opportunity but everyone is too good at pre-qualifying them out of the game. I recall when I ran my first home meeting for my company. I made a list like everone else and EVERY SINGLE call I made, I had a reason NOT to call them and a reason why they would NEVER join my business…BUT I MADE THE CALLS ANYWAY! Lesson: Focus less on closing percentage and more on number of times you invite people to hear about your opportunity

Hope you enjoyed these tips. Follow the above three lessons and you will be on your way to network marketing recruiting success!

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