I am screaming from the rooftops that 2009 is here and we
are going to, for lack of a better term, TEAR IT UP! I am so
grateful to have received so much wonderful feedback from
all of you since my Thanksgiving message and on from the
other messages I have shared with you, so, how can I give
even more back? I was recently asked what I wanted to do
or do better in 2009 and this was my answer:

To impact as many lives as possible by providing value and
by helping others find or explode their passion!

That sums it up! I want to help as many people as I can on
this planet! So, this morning I was at the gym and it hit me
on how I could do it! A LOT of you have already became premium
members of the Forever Wealth Club and are reaping the benefits
of it by using the DVD’s and audio CD’s I have mailed to you
as well as applying the different videos you received as well
as attending such events like the free one we are doing tomorrow
for premium members only on goal setting, I know those
premium members are changing their lives for only $20 a month, but
how can I help more people?

Until Midnight, Sunday January 4th, I am GIVING away my
premium membership. Those that go to this site right now
and sign up as a premium member will get ALL of the following
for FREE! I am giving you ALL the bonuses (I am covering
the shipping and handling) and you get your first month of
the Forever Wealth Club premium membership for FREE.
Here is what you get for Free:
Tons of bonuses including my DVD on how to make money online
(That I have already sold to a bunch of people for $30!)
Free access to our Goal Setting meeting (for premium members only)
tomorrow in Estero, FL. Free access to our monthly meeting
in Fort Myers with Amanda Devine on Goal Setting using the
Law of Attraction and much more!

Ray…this sounds great but what is the catch? Why would you
give your DVD away for Free, come out of pocket for the
shipping and handling and give us all this stuff???

Because…I know that I have taken the time and continue to take
the time to ADD SO MUCH VALUE to this membership that when you
get your bonuses and see what you get for your money, it will
be a no-brainer to stay as a member! Would you trade $20 a
month to get ideas, tips and step-by-step instructions to make
at least $100…a day? I sure hope so!

So, right now, if you want my DVD for Free, to attend one or
both of the upcoming events for Free, head on over to this
specific page and get it all…FOR FREE!

Let’s Make 2009 Your Year!