2 Biggest Problems Newbies Face

First of all, I am in Philly today and yes, that picture is of me and my buddy Jim riding the bison in front of the Philadelphia museum of art. I am going to go ahead and post all my pics at the bottom of this blog if you are interested, check them out. OK, so what are the 2 Biggest Questions Newbies Face When Starting Attraction Marketing?

#1 – They haven’t made any money, who would want to know about them?

#2 – They are brand new, what the heck could they talk about?

You see, those problems have no bearing on if you can be an attraction marketer. Does a restaurant tell you how great of a restaurant they are? Or do they just serve you what you want, good food and service? See how that works? Stop focusing on all the things you have not done and start focusing on what others want. I will re-use a quote I used the other day in one of my blogs that @joeknaack chose to quote me on:

“Marketing is about providing solutions to problems not actually selling crap.”

So you see, it doesn’t matter who you are or what you have done, give the people what they want! In this video, filmed on the philly museum of art steps (you know, where Rocky ran?) I tell you how to find and create value by focusing on what others want. Give enough people what they want and you will get what you want, every time.

Oh yeah, I promised I would post all my Philly pics, here you go!

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