11 Tips on How to Make One Million Dollars

how to make one million dollars

Congrats if you are reading this, if you have the interest in learning how to make one million dollars, you are above average in your goals.

In this post I am going to share 11 tips that I have used in my life to earn over a million dollars a year.

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11 Tips on How to Make One Million Dollars

NOTE: These are from my experiences AND are my opinions based on those experiences.

1. Believe you can. If you started this article thinking “There’s no way I could ever make one million dollars” then you are defeated before you even start. I always believed I could make a lot of money even when I had no outside agreement from my life or from friends or family.

2. Check your gauges but never to allow doubt. This is something I will cover in more detail in the future but MOST people that want to create a successful business will take some form of action for some amount of time and then, due to a lack of results, quit. Yes, it is important to test and track and constantly improve but stop seeing your current results as an indication if you SHOULD be going down the path you are going down. Like Steve Jobs said in his Stanford address, you have to be insane to keep going for your dreams. Be insane and keep going when all other logical indicators tell you not to.

3. Stop blaming your haters. I left corporate America in 2005 to pursue the dreams of real estate. I was at a high salary and was supporting a wife and two kids. Everyone told me I was crazy. Literally no one told me I was making the right decision. I don’t blame them nor am I mad at them, they were there for a reason, to fuel me.

4. Stop comparing your current results with someone else’s current results. Boo-hoo that someone is making more than you faster than you. Let that help you see what is possible. Quitting won’t help you get there faster.

5. Understand what it means to learn how to make one million dollars. Don’t look at a million dollars (or even a billion) as some pie in the sky goal, look at it for what it is. If you want to learn how to make one million dollars, learn how to add one million dollars or more worth of value to your marketplace. In network marketing it means you have helped enough people snap into being consumers of a product that will help them solve their problems and/or you’ve helped enough people get involved in a business that can help them solve their problems. IF YOU WANT TO MAKE MORE MONEY, LEARN TO SOLVE THE PROBLEMS OF MORE PEOPLE.

6. Invest in your education. As an employee, even at a high salary, the amount of money you have to invest in your education, is actually minimal. I was in a job that required a bachelors degree before I had one hour of college BECAUSE I was an extremely hard worker AND always strived to make my bosses look good. This is NOT the case for the entrepreneur. You need to look at education as an investment in the one thing that is constant, YOU. I don’t know if the opportunity you are currently in will be the last one you are ever in but I do know that wherever you go, there you are. YOU are the constant, treat yourself accordingly by investing in courses, coaches, mentors and events to improve your greatest asset. My wife and I have invested over $180,000 JUST in coaches in the last year and a half. (and we are excited to invest even more each year).

7. Don’t get high on your own supply. If you do the right things for long enough, you WILL start to get some limelight and will start to get some followers that think you are amazing. Stay humble and remember that you were once where they are and are just another human being on a journey. For more on this rarely talked about concept, read this – The Art of Being Humble. There is a reason I get asked to speak at so many events over and over whereas other speakers are asked once. I believe in my value and in myself but do not believe I am better than anyone else on their journey.

make one million dollars8. It’s harder to make $1,000 a month than $100,000 a month. OK, before you argue with me about that statement being nonsense, let me explain…It is harder for you to go out and earn your first $1,000 in a month than it is to go from $1,000 to $10,000 or even $10,000 to $100,000. Think about it like this…I started my entrepreneur journey in 2004 really (left corporate America one year later) and it took me 9 years to have my first million dollar year but only one more year to double it. Let that sink it. The easiest time to make more money is when you are already making money. The hardest time is when you are not making any money. Make sense?

9. Stay Hungry. This is tough for most entrepreneurs to hear. I know so many internet marketers, network marketers and entrepreneurs that get to some amount of money a year and then they feel they made it. Two things on this: 1. Recall tip number 5 where money earned is equal to value put out (don’t you want to impact and help more people still?) and 2. Everything in nature is either growing or dying. I know people who reached what they thought was the top of their game only to have it slide and they have to go back to work to rebuild. Stay hungry in your pursuit of how to make one million dollars (first in a lifetime, then per year, then per month, then per _____) and you will not have that problem.

10. People don’t NOT eat out of fear of choking. Around 3,000 people die each year from choking, about 25,000 people die each year from falling, and around 42,000 people each year die from a car accident in the United States. (source). This does NOT keep people from eating, walking and driving cars. Guess what? MOST people that start a business fail. You might too! Let me give you a rundown of my past amazing experiences:

– Started a real estate investment company – ended up in personal foreclosure and seven other foreclosures.
– Bought into an advertising franchise for tens of thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours worked – Never made ONE dime back.
– Failed in 12 different network marketing companies. – This doesn’t mean I didn’t make ANY money but didn’t create LASTING money.

If you don’t start a business due to possible failure then you might as well stop eating for risk of choking. =)

11. Get around the right people. They say you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. I believe this to be true but keep in mind it isn’t just physically, it is also in webinars, books, courses, etc. If you want to learn how to make one million dollars, get around people that have. Study what they did and implement it into your life. YOU can accomplish ANYTHING if you are willing to get around the right people and simply follow what action steps they took for an extended period of time.

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