11 Easy Phone Sales Tips That Work Like Crazy


phone sales tipsDo you struggle to get people to say YES? These 11 EASY Phone Sales Tips will help you.

We have recruited hundreds of people over the phone, these phone sales tips really work!

Why Bother Learning Phone Sales Techniques?

For years I have told people that you can build almost ANY business online or offline but when it comes to Network Marketing, you simply cannot build a real business without the telephone. Yes, I know that dashes the hopes of the system-seeking phone haters but they shouldn’t be in Network Marketing anyway (lots of other ways to make money that does not require talking to humans over the phone but just not the case for network marketers).

I believe phone sales training is the single most important thing you can learn if you are wanting to build a large organization. You might think it is lead generation or getting more traffic but if you suck at closing people over the phone, that means you would have to generate thousands more leads to get the same amount of signups that someone that learns these phone sales tips would have to learn. In this post I will give you my very best phone sales advice that has led to my wife and I recruiting HUNDREDS of people over the phone.

Here’s an older post where I share a funny story about bad phone sales, feel free to watch it – More Phone Sales Tips.

Get ready for my 11 very best phone sales tips and tricks!

Want to Get Better at All Sales?

This is going away so I would suggest getting it as soon as possible. A mentor and friend of mine, Lisa Sasevich, is giving away her brand new book on how to boost your sales. You do NOT need a credit card to get it, simply download it and IF you have ever found yourself struggling to get people to say yes to you, it’s because you are pushing the features more than the benefits (we will talk more about this later). For now, download her book here before it goes away which is very soon and at LEAST read page 29 on how to sell benefits vs features.

My 11 EASY Phone Sales Tips

1. Get to the point. IF you are calling someone that you haven’t talked to in a long time, get to the point vs build some fake rapport for 20 minutes to work yourself into the pitch. The other person realizes what you are doing and actually respects you getting to the point.

2. Ask more questions. Typically the person that talks the most is the one NOT in control. Instead of dancing so much, turn it around and ask THEM questions. If you need help with this, you might check out my post here – 30 Network Marketing Recruiting Questions.

3. Understand the point of voicemails. The point of voicemails are NOT to pitch your business, NEVER give away the fact that you are trying to sell them something over voicemail and god forbid do not pitch them your deal over voicemail. Simply leave your info and ask them to call you back. This is one of those phone sales tips I wish more people would really embrace.

4. Don’t berate them for not showing up. IF you had an phone appointment and they didn’t answer the call, don’t berate them, that doesn’t work and makes you look weak. Use a 3 step system. Step 1: Hey this is Ray, we were supposed to talk at X, give me a call when you can. Step 2: (24 hours later), Hey this is Ray, we were supposed to talk yesterday, hope all is well with you, give me a call when you get a chance and by the way if this isn’t something you are open to, let me know so we can stop wasting any time. Step 3: (48 hours after step 2) Hey this is Ray, haven’t heard from you, I am going to mark you off the list, I will not be calling you ever again on this and wish you the best that life has to offer. Step 3 is where you will get the most callbacks as people HATE being marked off a list AND called out for being flakes.

5. Manage your tonality in the initial call. This is one of those phone sales tips that hardly anyone knows. Tonality is the pitch of your voice. So many people simply hunt for scripts that they read while on the phone falling to realize that it is way more HOW you say something that WHAT you say. IF you are calling someone that isn’t expecting your call, have your tonality pitch upwards to cause confusion and make it past their radar. I cover this in depth in my Cold Market Recruiting Blueprint (for those serious about phone sales).

6. When in sales mode, talk about what it DOES not what it IS. This is what I was talking about earlier that I think Lisa Sasevich covers REALLY well in her new book on Sales and it is something that hardly ANY network marketer gets right. Instead of talking about the amount of L-Carnitine in the yummy shake, talk about how your ex will regret leaving you when they see the new you (notice the emotional difference?).

7. Be a professional, not a beggar. Network Marketers ask me all the time how to respond to someone being overly nasty to them. Stop it. Respect yourself as a professional and stop trying to close buttholes into your business or goodness sakes you may have to actually see them more often.

8. Manage your tonality in the close. Unlike the opening part of the call, the close should end in a downward swing in regards to your tonality. Here’s an example, read this out loud and tell me how it sounds to you:
“Sounds to me like you are ready to join?”
“Sounds to me like you are ready to join.”
Notice the second one carries more authority, use it.

9. What you lack in skill, make up in numbers. When I was 18 years old I worked at a telemarketing company where we made 450 calls on average per day selling long distance (sounds like fun huh?). They taught me this line. If you suck at talking to people ,the very best thing you can do (whether in phone or in person) is talk to more people, get more comfortable and you will improve. I don’t know if I could give you better phone sales tips than this one as numbers cure all.

10. Stop being addicted to the outcome. If you checked my heart rate when I got a yes or a no, you would see very little difference. Stop being so addicted to getting a yes, good sales people know that they will get more no’s than yes’s, get used to it and stop emotionally draining yourself when someone rejects you.

11. Celebrate your wins. When I was at that telemarketing company we had a bell we would ring when we made a sale. YOU need to do that too. Too often I hear someone downplay their wins, that is terrible. If you don’t celebrate your wins how can you get more of them. Change your state and your energy when you have a little win, jump up and say “Oh Yeah!” when someone joins your team or becomes a customer (after you hang up the phone of course). =)

Talk to me Goose!

Were these phone sales tips and tricks helpful? Can you see yourself using this phone sales training, maybe glancing at this list before you make your next round of calls? I hope these tips help you out, I’d love to know which tip was your favorite or made the biggest impact. Leave me a comment below if you have 8 seconds on which tip you liked the most. Feel free to share these phone sales tips with your teammates if you want them to get better at recruiting people and selling products over the phone.

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