10 Reasons I chose the Gold and Silver MLM, Numis Network

If you follow my blog, you know that I don't pitch my company very often, in fact, more often than not I have people ask me what company I am in as I focus on training people, not just pitching my business. I guess I have been asked this enough times that I am not writing this blog to reference from now on when people ask me this question.

What Attracted me to a Gold and Silver MLM?

I got into real estate a few years ago because it was hot and people were making a lot of money in it. I was actually first attracted to real estate because I loved the idea of not simply trading dollars for hours and buying rental properties for cashflow or passive income. Well, even though a partner and I bought 37 rental units our first year, we never saw major cashflow or passive income as the market turned flipping the rental income to the negative. Then I found network marketing. Network marketing offered the chance of residual income but without the huge risk or overhead of real estate. I fell in love with the industry. I started with a juice mlm but never really was that excited to promote a juice. After failing at about a dozen network marketing business opportunities, I was invite to check out Numis Network, a gold and silver MLM out of Tampa, Florida. I immediately liked the idea of having a refreshing product but did not know the details of the types of products Numis Network carried. I could not tell you the difference between bullion (loose silver or gold coins) and bouillon (for soup). I also didn't know any coin collectors. However, I saw that we are in an economy where a gold and silver MLM could do very well and it was simply refreshing. It was not a "me-too" company like a health and wellness so I jumped in. Little did I know that this gold and silver MLM was going to provide the type of residual and passive income I had always dreamed about.

10 Reasons I chose a Gold and Silver MLM

10. It was a product that I would never be upset about having a garage full of. 9. The compensation plan was better than any I had ever seen, my first company I was screwed as they only paid me on the pay leg, this one pays big bonuses on your entire team. 8. Talking to anyone, of any income level or net worth about a gold and silver MLM is pretty easy. 7. It was a product that was and still is red hot. The higher end channels tell you to buy more and the lower end channels want to buy it from you. 6. It was the only MLM product that has historically increased in value. 5. This gold and silver MLM just announced a 5 year buyback guarantee. Meaning, if you purchase your coins each month and only want 100% back of what you paid for them, you can sell them back to the company. 4. The company is ran by three guys that each have over 20 years experience, not in business, but in the business of network marketing. This is very important as most companies that have shut down, voluntarily or involuntarily, have been started or bought by people who did NOT have a network marketing background. 3. They have awesome incentives and trips. My first year in the business I won trips to Bahamas, St Kitts, Atlantis and three cruises. 2. The worst case scenario with this gold and silver MLM is you get an asset each month that has historically increased in value. And now, after 5 years, if you don't want your asset, you can sell it back to the company for 100% of what you paid for it! 1. It is the easiest product I have ever marketed online. Most companies are strict on how they market online or what you can say and this product is something that you don't have to taste, smell, see if it agrees with your tummy or get your doctor sign off on. And, the company embraces the use of the Internet for promotion! If you are interested in learning more about Numis Network, watch my presentation below
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