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#1 Mistake Most MLM Leaders Make


First of all, the title of this blog was a test. Did you hesitate to read it because you have not reached a high rank in your company or because you do not consider yourself a leader? Well, if you do not change your mindset about that quickly, you may never become one! Not one mlm leader lucked their way in, they believed they were the rank that they eventually became first. Believe you are that triple platinum diamond star and you may just become it. If you really hesitated to read this or questioned its relativity to you, you need to do a “check-up from the neck-up” and get with the belief that you are an up and coming star and leader.

So, let me share with you what I have and many others before me have seen as the #1 mistake most mlm leaders make once they reach a high rank. First of all, lets analyze what got them to that rank. I will put it in order as I see it:

#1 Prospecting Quality People
#2 Supporting Your Team with 3 way calls, etc
#3 Training your team

Now, most MLM leaders, make a switch once they achieve the rank they were after or just a high rank. They stop doing what made them successful (it already doesn’t make sense, does it?) and they change the program to something that looks like this:

#1 Manage the existing team
#2 Ask questions to other leaders on how to motivate the existing team
#3 Question themselves as a leader and why more of their team members are not producing

Do you see the difference? On the way to growing to that high rank, they were on the court. Playing ball, shooting the ball, meeting other players and had their head down rocking the business. They still supported their team but they were in the moment, what some would call, in the “Now”. Not living in the past, not worried about the future but playing the game here and now and being present.

The second scenario has them in an analysis mode. They stopped recruiting as they think that is the right thing to do, even though they had never heard any complaints about their level of support from their team. They start questioning how they shot the ball that got them to the big rank, should they have shot that many times, should they have passed, was the training the right training, ANALYZE, ANALYZE, ANALYZE, and live VERY MUCH in the past and even project into the future. They have taken themselves OFF the court and placed themselves in the stand to sit and talk about the right action to make moving forward.

How do I know this? Because I have done it and I have seen it many, many times. It was the source of one of my questions to my mentor, Jake Kevorkian, co-founder of Numis Network. He shared with me that his 20 plus years in network marketing, every million dollar earner he ever knew were always in the process of sorting and sifting but they never went from leading to managing. They would:
Sort and Sift to see who was interested in their opportunity
Sort and Sift to see who was going to sign up
Sort and Sift to see who was then actually going to work

If you have reached that high rank in your company, good for you, now get back to work! Everything is either growing or dying, if your team and yourself are not growing, you are slipping away from your financial and time freedom goals. Never forget what got you there as that is EXACTLY what will get you to the next goal in your life!

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