Your Self Development Plan will
Dictate Your Income

Chillin in Puerto Rico with Fam/Friends/Teammates

This morning I had an epiphany. I brought my family to Puerto Rico for our summer vacation where we are staying at this amazing resort called the “El Conquistador”. This morning, while swimming laps in the pool and looking up at the villas on the mountain, the palm trees and the birds flying overhead, I realized that life was truly wonderful and I also realized why people struggle and particularly why I, just two years ago, lost my house to foreclosure and lost all the money I made in real estate, read on to learn why…

You cannot make more than your self development plan will allow

One of my coaches said this to me:

“Ray, people cannot make more than their self development plan has conditioned them to make and be. People with low to poor self development may spike up, for a certain period of time income wise, but, will always adjust to their level of self development.”

I encourage you to read that again.

You see, when I was a real estate investor, I made a lot of money (although have now surpassed my best year in real estate) but I truly was not prepared mentally to make a lot of money. If you had asked me at the time, I sure thought I was. I thought I knew everything. Perhaps it was NOT the market but my own lack of a proper self development plan that brought me back to Earth?

Some Cool Fish we saw snorkeling

How to Develop Your Self Development Plan

There are a LOT of people that end up making some money in network or online marketing. Many of them make money before they are truly mentally prepared for it and it’s like all those lottery winners that were not prepared for it that went broke within 5 years of receiving their winnings.

Challenge yourself and really look at how much effort you truly put into working on your self development. Here are some sample questions:

1. Do you, on a daily basis, read motivational books or listen to motivational audios? If yes, do you put at least 30 minutes per day into this activity?

2. Do you attend your company events?

3. Do you practice meditation or self reflection on a daily basis?

If you answered no to any or all of those, I am going to suggest it is almost impossible to create a serious income in this industry, well, at least sustain it. Constantly and daily work on YOU as YOU are the constant. You may switch companies, tactics, focus but wherever you go, there YOU are.

Here are some suggestions to develop a real self development plan:

1. Read at least one chapter per day of pure motivational nature. You may say ” I don’t need motivation, I’m already fired up” and that is USUALLY said by someone who knows more than their results show. Always look away from what you think you know and simply analyze your results to see if you need what I am talking about.

2. Write affirmations on a daily basis. I prefer the way Noah st John suggests and teaches in his iAfform audios.

3. Attend events. There is just something way more magical that has happened to me everytime I have attended a big event. Attend every company event and every major event you can. I struggle with watching videos non-stop but LOVE events and actually seeing real people and shaking their hands.

If you have made a lot of money, just to lose it, analyze the level of self development you were at and lets get you prepared for the next time. If you have yet to make much money, it IS due to your self development plan, lets get you there my friend, it’s not easy, but worth it!

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