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If your getting some negativity online or negativity through the media, this will help.

If your teammates hear this training, there’s a much greater chance they actually won’t quit.

What To Do If Your Network Marketing Company Is Getting Bad Press

I’m going to break it down and share with you how to look at this a little differently.


I want to make you very, very aware of something. It has something to do with success in a company and success in you personally. If you start getting negative press from the media or  if you start having people go online and talk crap about you, congratulations.

Congratulations, because you’ve made it to a level of success that makes it worth talking about.

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There is no successful company that doesn’t have online negativity or has had bad press. It does not exist.

Test me on this theory. Search your favorite charity. Guarantee you, there’s some press out there somewhere that ran something negative about them. Google your favorite guru, school, charity, hospital.

Google your favorite anything and you will find negativity.

The only exception is not, “Was it ethical? Was it moral? Was it good?” Those aren’t exceptions. The only exception is if it’s so small that no one is aware of it.

If you’re in a startup company and you’re just getting started, guess what? You probably got a ways to go before you have negative press because you’re too small for people to notice. When you expand, people have to take shots at you. They have to.

Don’t Crumble

If you are so easily swayed from your vision and your mission, that negative online reviews or negative press or negative publicity has you wanting to quit, I don’t know that success if for you.

Most of the people that you know, would you classify them as successful? Do they go to a job that they love, time freedom, financial freedom and are able to travel wherever they want whenever they want with whoever they want?

Probably not. Most of the people you know, you may NOT consider successful.

When you step out of the norm, when you want to play big, you are going to be criticized. You are going to be.

If you so easily crumble like a cracker when someone is negative or cynical or skeptical or criticizes what you’re doing, you need to really do a checkup from the neck up of do you really want success?

Because you can’t have one without the other. You can’t go out and make it happen. Every person who has done something big, every person who’s made lots of money, every person who’s impacted lots of lives, has haters and criticizers.

The analogy that I’ve heard that I really, really like is

“Man, did you see Jesus walked on water?”

 “Yeah, he probably can’t swim. That’s why.” 

Everyone has haters if you do anything worth mentioning. If you live a life of any impact, you are going to be criticized, you’re going to be hated on, you’re going to have people be jealous of you and they turn that jealousy and they twist it into you being somehow ethically, morally inferior to them.

You’re going to be criticized and so is the company. Any company that’s done anything worth mentioning is going to be criticized, is going to get negative publicity, is going to have bad press, is going to have someone that’s wants to bring it down.

[clickToTweet tweet=”Everyone has haters if you do anything worth mentioning.” quote=”Everyone has haters if you do anything worth mentioning.”]

What To Focus On

There will be more coming, but you need to focus on who does love the products, service, team, culture, community, leadership, ect.

If you’re of, “Oh man, I can only do this if there’s no criticism,” then ya ain’t gonna do it. You won’t create success without criticism. You won’t do it.

Understand now, it’s okay. You can choose and say, “Hey, you know what? I’m not playing this game because I run the risk of being criticized. I’m not going to be successful because I don’t want to be criticized. I don’t want somebody to talk bad about me. I want to get negative reviews.”

You can take that stand and step out of the game and go back to normal and doing whatever normal people do. I’m not sure what that is.

But you can’t have one without the other. You can’t do it. Man up and focus on the people that do love the product, that do love the service, that do love the opportunity, the culture, the team, the training, the leadership.

What you represent as a mission, how you’re impacting the world, the benefits of your product or service or opportunity. Focus on those that are looking to get help with their problems.

Don’t look to appease the criticizers because guess what? They’re just going to criticize more. They’ll criticize you rebutting them.

Another suggestion for you, don’t get defensive online. Don’t do it. All that time that you go on online chats and you want to scrap it out with people that are negative about your deal, is time spent away from people that are looking for your thing.

Stop defending yourself online. Focus on who is it that’s looking for the solutions to their problems, who’s open to your opportunity, who is it that has issues that you can help with your product, service, or opportunity.

Did you find that helpful?

Let me know what you think in the comments below. And, feel free to share this with your teammates.

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