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Your Network Marketing Business Opportunity is

Not All About You

This may be the most important point that people miss when they are attempting to build their network marketing business opportunity. You cannot have success in this business without positively affecting other people. You cannot make the big money in this industry without helping other people make money. You can have success as a small business owner, corporate jock, sports player, etc without helping others but you cannot succeed in this industry without helping others in network marketing.

(the pic to the right is me and some of my team on a bus to the Atlantis Casino in the Bahamas, fun times!)

So, why am I struggling to build my network marketing business opportunity?

Because you are selfish. Ouch. I said it. Before you huff and puff on how many charities you contribute to or how many people you have helped move, etc, if you are not getting results inside of your network marketing business opportunity it is because you are selfishly clinging to your ego that you have more than your commitment to helping other people. Let me clarify.

Do you:

– Feel good when you attend one of the events put on by your company?

– See that others are making money and wining trips inside your network marketing business opportunity?

– Receive motivation and inspiration from the events and training that your company puts on?

If you did not answer yes to any of them, perhaps you should check your pulse. Unless you are in some weird network marketing business opportunity that doesn’t train you or have fun events, then, you should be answering yes to all three and if that is the case, WHY ARE YOU KEEPING THIS FROM THE PEOPLE THAT YOU KNOW?

It is not caring about others that keeps you from building your network marketing business opportunity

Some people suggest that they care too much about the people they know to introduce them to their network marketing business opportunity. I am suggesting they care too little about them as people and care too much about their own ego. I want you to understand this, and simply look at it a different way.

– Everytime you attend a presentation of your network marketing business opportunity without bringing someone, when your head hits the pillow at night, I want you to understand that for that day you failed to help anyone you know.

– Everytime you attend an event that motivates and inspires you that you did not bring anyone to or promote, you failed to help anyone you know that day as well.

Before I found my primary company, I was dead broke from Florida real estate, my house was in foreclosure and several of my rental properties were in foreclosure. No one knew that though as I did not go around town crying and I did not have a button on my chest that said “Ask me how broke I am”. Guess what? Neither do the people you know. You have no idea what struggles the people you know are going through and if you selfishly do NOTHING to help them, shame on you. Judging them before you even present information is perhaps the most selfish act someone can do inside of a network marketing business opportunity.

Did you at least try to help someone yesterday? If no, will you today? I am sure glad my friend had the nerve to call me and ask me to check out my primary company, how many of your friends might become grateful to you too?


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