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Your MLM Product Does Matter, at least, eventually

It is common for online marketers in the network marketing niche to tell their audiences that the product they are promoting does not matter. This is usually used when they don’t personally get excited over the product but get more excited over the compensation plan. It is not my style but I am not bashing choosing a company for it’s compensation plan rather than product but in this blog I am going to share why the MLM product you are promoting eventually does matter.

Great Marketers Can Make Sales With Any MLM Product

You heard that right, I believe great marketers can sell any MLM product. Unfortunately, great marketers are only 1-3% of the population in the network marketing industry. Now, I will highly suggest that you get better at marketing and sales and concentrate on always getting better but for most people, the hype of the MLM product not mattering eventually wears out.

MLM is NOT about Sales Anyway

Hear me out, MLM is NOT about “getting sales” it is about building people and building a residual income. I have never seen a great salesman or great marketer that said the product didn’t matter and actually build a long standing business in this industry. When someone tells you that the product does not matter they are baiting you into accepting the hype that being with them is the only thing that matters. This does NOT mean I agree with LEADING with product, I actually do not as you can read in my blog post here – Should you lead with your MLM product?

Retention: Why the MLM product does matter

After the initial hype that may get someone to join a business, they have to justify it day in and day out. Most people in any line of work will look for ways to sabotage themselves or create excuses. If they were brought into the business with the mindset that the MLM product they are doing does not matter, they will look for easier ways for them to make money, leading them to baloney companies such as ones you can get in for free or ones that are massively cheaper. The things that KEEP a person are much different from what gets them to join. Master both and you are on your way to building an empire. 🙂

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