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Your Mental Focus Will
Dictate Your MLM Results


Too often people simply have stinkin’ thinkin’. The worst part about it is, you receive wherever you have your mental focus. IF you are focused on how tough life is or how whatever you are doing isn’t working, you will only be proved right, this post will help.

How to Identify Where Your Mental Focus is

The other day I was taking the Futuristic Marketing Quiz and I loved Mark Hoverson’s overview of your results. One of the questions was “I think Online Marketing Can Greatly Impact my Business” and I strongly agreed. IF someone took that test and wasn’t sure about that answer, he went on to say that you will prove what you are thinking and it will prevent you from ever having success online.

Essentially, your results are dictated by your mental focus.

Mini-Quiz to test your mental focus, share your thoughts in the comments
(Yes or No)

1. Do you believe that IF you continue doing what you are doing you will reach your goals?

2. Do you believe it is possible for you to reach a top rank in your company?

3. Are you willing to put it on the line and continue to invest in yourself because you believe in yourself?

If you answered NO to any of those questions, or even hesitated, your current mental focus is in the lack/scarcity/fear mode and unfortunately you will only witness what you believe. You will see more challenges. And continue to see more challenges until you change your mindset.


How to “Fix” Your Mental Focus

Yesterday I did an interview with my friend Brian Cole that I will be releasing on my blog tomorrow (stay tuned). Two years ago he was a fulltime McDonalds employee making less than $1,000 a month. When asked what he thought about each day at Mickey D’s, he replied, “Everytime I punched that clock I knew there would be a day where I didn’t have to”.

Brian has since had multiple ten thousand dollar months since he went fulltime in his marketing business just one year ago.

Where was his mental focus? It was on hope, freedom and the chance that things were going to be different. Too often people stay right where they are because all they notice is how they are staying where they are!

Today, start to have hope. Believe that it is possible for you to have a more powerful life. Figure out where you are and set your mental focus to becoming more, becoming better and that change is possible for you. Know that others with worse circumstances have accomplished more and if they can do it, so can you.

When a doubt creeps into your mind that whatever you are doing isn’t working, use it as a trigger to do something productive. Watch a training, call your upline, meditate, read a book, etc but make sure it is productive. Don’t talk to others about how it is not working, don’t spread those doubts or you will concrete them in. And know this…

“Online MLM marketing will NOT work for you if you don’t believe in yourself, but neither will traditional marketing either.” The first step comes, when you believe…

Do you believe?

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