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Ready to get results in 90 days?!

Here my wife and social media recruiting expert, Jessica Higdon shares exactly how to use Social Media to build your network marketing business in your first 90 days.

Your First 90 Days of Network Marketing: How To Use Social Media

We’re going to talk about how to build your warm market.

A lot of people don’t even look at social media this way, but it is an awesome way to build.

You have all these cold leads out there that you can turn from cold to lukewarm, lukewarm to warm, and warm to hot.

I believe that most of you can hit that in 90 days. Instead of just trying to get new people over here and over there, let’s warm up the people we already have.

We’ve had a lot of people go through this training that have had some awesome breakthroughs. This is one of my favorites.

Xavier had been in network marketing for four years, and he signed up his first person after going through this training. So, it’s pretty cool!

In the video below Jess shares exactly how to use social media to succeed in 90 Days.

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