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Young Entrepreneur Advice
I Gave to my 10 Year Old Niece

Brooke and her brother Thomas

The last few days I have been up in the Raleigh/Wake Forest area of North Carolina with my wife’s brother and family. This post comes from advice I gave to Brooke, the young entrepreneur of the family on how to grow her pet care business.

Pet Care Maven for Carriage Run in Wake Forest

Meet Brooke. She’s ten years old and runs Brooke’s perfect pet care out of her house in Carriage run, Wake Forest, North Carolina. She has a budding business but wants to grow it bigger. I spent about 5 minutes giving her some advice to take her business to the next level and thought I would share it with you.

Video: Marketing Advice for the Young Entrepreneur


– Do you have any young entrepreneur stories?

When I was in middle school I sold airheads. Bought them for 10 cents each from the corner store and sold them for 25 cents each at Trafalgar middle school. My best day I moved between 90-100, that was before they banned selling candy at the school lol

– What about any young entrepreneur ideas?

Comment below if you have any ideas or stories to share and here’s to wishing Brooke massive success on her pet care business!

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