Wondering how to write a great blog? What the heck should you talk about? This will help you even if you are brand new.

From blogging 5-7 times per week for over 5 years, these blog writing tips should help you attract more people and build your brand.

Wondering about Things to Blog About?

Or maybe you are wondering if you should bother blogging?

Well, we have built an email list of over 100,000 people mainly from this blog that you are on right here. Not only that, we have also built a blog that generates 40-60 transactions per day (ranging from $7 – $497 mainly) and I can tell you that blogging has been the number one marketing mechanism to us building our multi-million a year coaching and training business.

IF I had to pick ONE marketing attack, it would hands down be blogging.

Now, I bet you are wondering about what kind of things to blog about and how to write a great blog. The below video shares some very simple blog writing tips for you and don’t worry, if you hate writing it actually doesn’t have to be a text blog, it can easily be a video blog.

It is NOT hard and it does NOT take a lot of time or require much skill. IF you are serious about leveraging your brand with a blog you may consider getting on my training on how to become an authority where we do cover blogging and more.

Video on How to Write a Great Blog (or Video)

Was that helpful? You don’t have to have some big bad resume or amazing results to start sharing in the way I described in the video. Did you get benefit from these blog writing tips? Drop me a comment below AND just curious, would you like me to share some places to SHARE your blog? I have a set routine of where I share my blog everyday, IF you want me to blog about that soon, let me know in the comments.

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