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Work From Home Tips:
Truth about Money & Dreading Mondays


Today I have two work from home tips for you, one is around the truth about money and the other is all about your relationship with Monday.

Watch this short video to learn these two powerful MLM tips to help your business.

Do Your Prospects Tell You They Don’t Have Any Money?

I hear this alot…usually from people struggling with money issues, interestingly enough, that their prospects are telling them they don’t have the money to join their network marketing business opportunity.

In almost all cases, this is baloney.

It isn’t that they don’t have enough money, it’s actually due to several OTHER reasons:

1. They think you cannot overcome that objection and they want you out of their hair.

2. They don’t see the value in what you are offering so they identify that they don’t have a few hundred dollars to flush down the toilet.

3. You haven’t made them think about their life and why this is an investment vs just a cost.

All of them can be overcome with the right line of questions AND you willingness to be coachable.

MLM Tips: Use the Monday Dread to Your Advantage

I used to be the weekend warrior and then back to the grind on Monday. I hated it. Half the day on Sunday I didn’t enjoy because I was so NOT looking forward to Monday back to the job. YOU ever feel that way?

You can choose to use that pain and resistance to your advantage and I talk about that in the below video.

Video: 2 Work From Home Tips for You

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