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Win an iPad Mini or Kindle Fire!

My goal is to impact people all over the world to help change their lives to be more free and inspiring. To do that, I need your help and I’m willing to bribe you!

Why I Started the Ray Higdon Affiliate Program

This year I started an affiliate program for my products. I have never officially announced this to the world as I was being very selective on who I allowed to be an affiliate. I only wanted people that had actually bought my products to be affiliates to reward them for being a great customer. For the time being I have decided to lift that restriction and allow anyone to be an affiliate to promote our next promotion that will be happening in 6 days. IF you dig my training and you think more people could benefit, you can register as an affiliate by clicking here.

The reason I started this affiliate program is people have asked me for years how they can make money promoting my training. This accomplishes two things, 1) It gets more money in the hands of people that like my training and 2) It gets my training in front of people that otherwise I might never have met. IF my goal is to impact as many people as possible, it just made sense to create an affiliate program so people can be compensated for helping me get the word out and impact more people.

Win an iPad Mini or Kindle Fire in December!

So on black Friday I did a little promotion with my small number of affiliates and it was an overwhelming success! I took one of my programs that gets rave reviews and allowed affiliates to market that product for 70% off. Let’s just say they made some great money and helped spread the word of my training.

It worked so well, we are doing another one but this time with some cool prizes!

First Place will get their choice of an iPad mini or Kindle Fire as well as $100 gift certificate toward their choice of iTunes or Barnes and Noble. First prize will also get a dedicated interview on my radio show as well as a dedicated blog post. (my site gets 30,000 unique visitors per month and 2 million hits per month)

Second Place will get a Kindle Fire and a $50 gift certificate toward their choice of iTunes or Barnes and Noble. Second place will be mentioned on the winners blog post.

Third Place will get a $50 gift certificate toward their choice of iTunes or Barnes and Noble. Third place will be mentioned on the winners blog post.

This Promotion is Aimed at YOU!

This is not some drawn out, people teaming up launch. There will be no teaming allowed. I am NOT doing this as some launch. It will be a 48 hour window of a product that I choose that affiliates will learn about on Friday giving them time to plan their marketing. All I can tell you now is it will be a HOT offer that WILL sell and help you make money. Prizes will go out after the contest is over whereas affiliate payments will go out accordingly after the 30 day refund policy for your buyers. I hope you get excited by this and if you have a suggestion for what product I just give a huge discount on, please comment below and I WILL take it into consideration. This promotion is geared to put some extra money and prizes in your pocket as well as help impact some people with some great training. Leave a comment if you have suggestions or if you are excited and plan on winning a prize! Again, you can register as an affiliate by clicking here and here’s to making an impact and bunches of money! Any questions, please ask below.

To Your Abundance!

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