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Somethings can hold us back from success without us even knowing it.

Here’s my story on how I healed the relationship with my father and how it catapulted me into success.

Why Your Success May Depend on Healing Your Relationships

I didn’t talk to my dad for 13 years. And, at that time, he never had met my sons.

I went to this conference and I was there to learn how to make some money. I came out of it realizing that I had some things in my life that needed to be fixed or addressed and repair relationship with dad was on a to do list with no priority.

What happens with to do lists with no priority is people pass away and you lose that opportunity.

So, I shared the story of me sharing this story for the very first time in 2010 at a training in Myrtle Beach where the guy that asked me to come.  The guy that asked me to come came up to me after I shared this story with tears running down his face. He said, “I can’t believe you just shared that story. I haven’t talked to my dad in 17 years. Tomorrow I fly out for his funeral.”

Of course, I beat myself up and I was like, “Man, I was on a webinar with him a week ago. If only I would have shared this story.”

But after I beat myself up like I always do, I then said, “You know what? I gotta play differently and start being more vulnerable. I gotta start being more willing to share my stories.”

So, I started sharing this story. I don’t do it at every event. I don’t do it every time I talk, but if I feel it, I share the story.

Since doing that, I’ve actually received dozens of stories from different people that have re-established relationships with their mother, with their father, with their son, with their daughter, with brothers or sisters.

It’s something that for me, I know what it did for me is it opened up a new chapter in my life.

When I went to see him, I was dead broke, foreclosure, very down on myself. Just paying my utility bills and so life just wasn’t grand.

When I came back to Florida from Indiana it was the beginning of July, 2009. July 15th got invited to a home meeting to an upper network marketing company that I became the number one income earner of.

So, what you don’t realize is that some of the past baggage and garbage is blocking your future.

[mashtweet tweet=”Some of the past baggage and garbage might be blocking your future.” quote=”Some of the past baggage and garbage might be blocking your future.”]

What Do You Need To Address?

You’ll never draw the reason, “I’m not making more money is because of my relationship with my sister.” You’re never going to draw that conclusion.

So, what you have to do is you have to look at what are things in my life that are not congruent? What are things in my life that I need to address and work on?

One of the reasons that we push you so hard to play bigger is you are going to have a platform like this. If you keep playing, you will have a platform like this. It will be different shapes, sizes, whatever, but you will have some kind of platform. Online, offline. Something. You will have a platform if you keep playing big to impact people in your way and with your story.

If you have a tough story, your selfish if you don’t create success.

[mashtweet tweet=”If you have a tough story, your selfish if you don’t create success.” quote=”If you have a tough story, your selfish if you don’t create success.”]

You’re Going To Inspire People

I don’t believe that if I didn’t have the story of my dad, I don’t believe that any of my other training would have gotten them to reach out to their dad. I don’t believe it.

You have things in your story that I don’t. You have things in your story that are going to inspire people that I may never reach.

This is why we push you so hard.

Now, we push you in a manner and I kind of see this as a unique role. I didn’t push every person in my network marketing team to play super hard and play big and everything because not all of them had that level of desire, but if you’re reading this, you got some kind of desire.

Why Not Play Big?

There are things in your story and maybe they are the exact things that you are using as an excuse that are preventing you from success that if you just played the hand you were dealt, you would create success and you would have stories like this.

I want us all to be impacting more people. It’s going to be by you building your platform. By you going out there and playing bigger than you’ve ever played before. You making the tough decisions and you showing up differently to the world.

There are things in your story that other people need to hear. There are people begging to hear examples of people that have been through what they’ve been through. Maybe I haven’t been through what they’ve been through but you have. Start playing bigger, start showing up differently. You’ll have stories just like this from your platform.

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