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Why Your MLM Prospecting Isn’t Working


Are the results of your MLM prospecting less than desirable? Do you feel like you are getting a seriously high amount of rejection? This post will help you

My Key to MLM Recruiting

If I had to boil down why I have recruited so many people into my network marketing business, I would have to say it is mostly due to my sales posture and the fact that I treat this like a business.

Too many people go around town and Facebook as sniveling, permission and acceptance seeking weenies. NOT being powerful, professional or postured. Let me share exactly what I mean so you fully get it, and once you get it, your MLM prospecting results will never be the same!

The Non-Professional

People are not turned off by network market-ing, they are turned off by network market-ers. People are tired of weak salesy and hypey tactics and networkers NOT being straight forward. So how does a non-professional conduct their MLM prospecting? Here are some things I have noticed:

1. They allow people to weakly move into the next step. Meaning if someone is even mildly positive or simply NOT negative, they will gladly hand them a CD/DVD or send them a video. A professional values their time and wants to ensure the prospect is serious. Here’s an example…

Prospect: Um, yeah, I guess I will try to watch the video
Non-Professional: Awesome! You are going to love it, it’s ground floor, everyone has one anyway, you are going to be great at it, I will send you the video now!

Now, let’s look at how the professional would handle that same interaction.

Prospect: Um, yeah, I guess I will try to watch the video
Professional: I am getting that this may not be of actual interest to you. Listen, if you are just saying you will watch the video when you have no intention of doing so, just tell me now so we don’t waste each others time.

Boost Your MLM Prospecting by Changing Who You Are BEING


Don’t get me wrong, MLM prospecting IS a numbers game and what you lack in skill, you SHOULD make up for in numbers, however, IF you are talking to a lot of people and you are NOT getting any results, it is most likely due to WHO you are BEING.

If you are BEING needy, hypey, salesy and non-professional, who will sign up with you? Instead, choose to be a professional. I love the line my good friend Eric Worre always says, Choose to GO PRO. What he is really saying is to BE a professional and you can BE a professional regardless of your current results.

Now, if you have NOT been a professional in your MLM prospecting, don’t worry, hardly anyone is. This statement is NOT limited to non-doctors and lawyers as I have seen both groups make the same mistake. Here’s a quick example for you:

I met with a big time divorce attorney on one of my multiple city speaking tours and he told me that he didn’t understand why his MLM prospecting was not working. He said he told his friends and family that it was a no brainer, that he would help them and they could make a lot of money. He would then spend a half hour with each person showing them the plan and the product. I asked him this one question that changed him forever…

“Is this how you build your law practice?”

He looked at me dumbfounded. He responded, well, hell no, I charge them a $5,000 retainer before I barely even talk to them. I asked him what he did if they were at all skeptical about his skills as an attorney. He said he would show them the door. THAT is the difference. An attorney wouldn’t accept an appointment with someone who said they “might try” to show up, why should you? In your communication with others about your business, BE a professional. KNOW that YOU are building an empire and are going to do it with or without them. BE that person that attracts other professionals due to your BEING and let’s stop showing up small in our business.

To Your Abundance!

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