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When it comes to an opportunity video, should you use an existing one or should you use your own? In this training I share the power of using your company’s tools and how to be the most effective leader in your company.

Why You Should Use Your Network Marketing Company’s Tools, Not Make Your Own

So, the company that my wife and I both became the number one income earners of, we joined that company when it was in prelaunch. They didn’t have a lot of the tools, resources, and things like that. So, we did have our own videos.

However, I would prefer not to.


Amateurs VS Leaders

Amateurs in network marketing may focus on boosting up their impressiveness, specialness, and credibility to make a transaction.

Their goal is to make a transaction.

This is why many struggle and make really little money in network marketing.

Because they’re looking to, “How do I appear to be an expert, credible, and special?” Because I want to make the transaction.”

So, everything is geared towards the transaction. They think, “If I have good branding, am an expert, and I’m a credible special authority, then surly more people will buy from me.”

This is fine if you want to make a little bit of money. It’s not fine if you want to make real money in network marketing.

If you’re selling information, coaching, books, your special service and you’re not in network marketing, then do all this stuff.

The problem is the real money lies in this person observing what you do and believing they can do it.

The more expert you are, the fewer people believe. The more authority you are, the fewer people believe. The more credible you are, the fewer people believe.

The more special you are, the fewer people believe that they can do what you are doing, or they can be you.

So, as a network marketing trainer, if you train your team daily, if you create your own presentation and your own tools…The fewer people will believe that they can ever do all of that crap.

Understand that the power of network marketing is unlike all other marketing.

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What You Are Selling In Network Marketing

In network marketing, you’re not selling the product. You’re not selling the service. I know you can acquire customers obviously and that’s fine, nothing wrong with that. I recommend that. But, I want to always remember that you’re selling people on the idea.

In network marketing unlike all other careers, in network marketing you’re selling them on the idea that they can also sell it.

So if you are selling your coaching:

“Hey guys I’m the expert of teaching left-handed candlestick makers. Check out my 17 system funnel. I am the authority of left-handed candlestick makers. I have 17 years of training left-handed candlestick makers, and I went to the special candlestick making university in the Himalayan mountains where they trained me and honed me as a left-handed candlestick maker. So I am unlike everyone else. I am the special person. I am extremely unique, and you should buy from me.”

If you’re selling something, great. Go do all that stuff.

But, it won’t get tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of people to think, “Man, if that knucklehead can do it, can do it too. Man is she can do it, we’re going to kill this thing.”

Who Could Do What You’re Doing?

You have to remember, the real money comes in getting more people to believe that they can do it. Hopefully. you’re using a system that ANYBODY can follow.

Could anybody say, “How you open to take a look at what I’m doing? I got a video. You want to watch it? No? All right.”

Could anybody do that? Anybody could.

So, you’ve got to get the masses. You’ve got to get normal everyday ordinary people to believe.

The Truth About Duplication

Now here’s the truth, some people won’t like this. So some people, they say, “No dude, I’ve got a killer brand, I’ve got killer domains and funnels, and I’m an expert, credible, special, blah, blah blah, and I get duplication.”

But upon closer inspection, when I put on my jeweler’s loop, it turns out they only get duplication if they recruit a rockstar. That’s not network marketing.

If you only get duplication when you recruit a rockstar, you’re not understanding network marketing. You need to be getting duplication when someone who has no freaking clue what they’re doing gets duplication.

If you understand network marketing, you need to be getting duplication from someone who’s never made a sell in their live, someone who’s never read a book business or sales or persuasion or presenting or any branding or any of that crap.

The more stuff you’re doing for your team, more people are going to sabotage themselves.

You’re going to make less money.

Then you’ll say, “Man this network marketing doesn’t work. This doesn’t work at all.”

No, it’s just you didn’t understand it. You thought it was about the sale. You thought it was about the transaction.

This is why a lot of internet marketers struggle with network marketing, and a lot of sales people struggle with network marketing. Because they have been trained, they’ve honed themselves to get that money man, get that transaction.

Rely on tools and resources that everyone can use.

Fast Start To Duplication

If I’m building my team, and I introduce someone to a video, if I say, “Hey would you be open to take a look at what it is that I’m doing to make some extra money on the side.”

And they say, “Sure.”

I say, “Cool, let’s do this. I’m going to send you over a video, and the cool thing about this video is if you did want to make some extra money, you would actually use the same video.”

See that’s called a fast start.

I’ve gotten them started before they even started. So now when they watch this video, it’s not a, “Do I like this video? Was it professionally produced. Is it a good video? Is it really captured my attention?”

They look at it and they think, “Man, could I get people to watch this video? God I feel like I could. I feel like I could.”

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