Duplicatable in Network Marketing

Are you trying to build a large team? If so, you have to master duplication.

Here is a presentation where I share exactly how to become a leader who’s team is duplicatable.

Why You Need To Care Enough To Be Duplicatable in Network Marketing

If you lead in a non-duplicatable way, when will you care enough to change?

Every time Sally has a question, Sally knows just to call me, and we’ll have a 40-minute chat, and she feels very comfy with me as her bud.

That’s non-duplicatable.

I realize you might think that that’s caring. That’s caring enough to keep Sally where she is. It’s not caring enough to help Sally be sustainable.


Have you ever heard of Echo?

Echo trains the Peace Corp. The Peace Corp will come there to get ideas. I’m not saying it’s their only training. But, the Peace Corp will come there for ideas on sustainability in difficult terrain.

Echo has crafted these ways to grow vegetables out of carpet. If you live in a city where it’s all rock, well, you just hook up a little contraption. You drill a hole in the bottom of a five-gallon bucket, set it on top, bed of carpet, and they’ll grow tomatoes out. And they show it right there.

They went to Asia and they said “Hey, we’ve tested this, and we’d like to test it on your farm. And if you plant 1/4 of the rice seeds, you’ll get twice the bounty.”

And all the Asians, “who are you Americans to come over here and tell us how to grow rice? Beat it, kid.” One farmer was like “You know what, I’ll let you do it on the back lot. Way back there so my neighbors don’t see me with this craziness.

How rice is normally grown, is with tons of rice seeds and then they flood the plains.

Well, they have figured out that if you take two or three rice seeds and plant them every six, 12, 18 inches, half the water, you get twice the rice.

So they put it in one farm, works for him, the neighbor makes fun of him until he realizes that you got twice the bounty, implements his farm. The last time I checked, they had like 90,000 farms doing it their way. People had been doing it a way thousands of years, doing it their way, 90,000.

They cared enough to face ridicule, rejection, looking stupid, to go in there and try to help the world’s food shortage problem.

They Teach

So, they teach. So when people hear about Echo and they reach out to them and say “Hey, I want one of them moringa seeds. Hook it up, brother.”

All right, they’ll send them a seed. “Oh, man, that one didn’t take off. Hit me with another one.” They’ll send a second seed.

They DON’T send a third seed. You gotta be sustainable.

See, some of the upline, they’re giving that seed every time. “Oh, I’m stuck again.”

“Here you go, baby bird. Let me chew this up for you. Let me give you that seed.”

Some of the upline think that “Well, if I just give them a fish every time, then that’s me caring. I’m a carer.”

Don’t be N.I.C.E. 

NICE stands for Nothing Inside Me Cares Enough.

Because if you cared, you would help that single mom have a sustainable way to build her business. You would help that disabled veteran have a sustainable way to build their business. You would help that society have a sustainable way to provide food for their village.

If you cared enough, you would risk ridicule, you would risk being accused of not being nice. You would risk it, because you did care enough to help them out.

That 40-minute conversation that’s not recorded, that can’t be rewound, replayed, or played to another teammate that comes in a month later, it’s not duplicatable.

I didn’t have big, long conversations with reps when it came to a business problem. Now, if we want to chit-chat, sure. We can do that. I’m not real great at that, but we can do it.

When it comes to a business of prospecting, marketing, a team-building, any kind of issue around business, that is most likely gonna be repeated somewhere, then that needs to be pointed to a training archive.

Or if someone hits you with something you’ve never heard before, and you can’t find any resource for it, then have that kind of conversation, but on a video that they can then use when people ask them that same question.

You’ll notice that people that have certain types of questions also attract people that have those same type of questions.

Questions About Comp Plans

Are you explaining the comp plan? Terrible idea.

Because when they recruit somebody, what do they think?

“I’ll just go to Uncle Ray, he’s got all the time in the world. He took 30 minutes explaining the comp plan to me. I don’t remember much of it. Wasn’t recorded, I can’t rewind it. I wish I could. Man, that’d be nice. He said that one thing, but I don’t even remember. But good luck, you go talk to him too. He’s got all the time on his hands possible.”

You think that’s being nice? It’s not.

Good Will Hunting

It reminds me of another example. How many have seen Good Will Hunting? Great movie.

In the movie, Matt Damon is a mathematical genius. He’s solving problems that are unsolvable, he’s just like super genius.

And Ben Affleck is his good buddy, not a genius. Both of them are working construction, and so it’s discovered that Matt Damon is a genius, and military’s trying to get him to be a military intelligence person, and it’s clear that he is heads and tails, crazily smart.

Every day Ben Affleck drives by his house, picks up Matt Damon to go break rocks in the sun, just bust up some bricks.

Matt Damon says to Ben Affleck one day, he goes “You know, those guys are trying to get me to solve military things and help them propagate war and do all this kind of stuff. And man, I like just breaking rocks with you, dude.”

And Ben Affleck says, he goes “You know, I love you, but every day I go to pick you up, I hope you’re not there. You have so much more potential than I will ever have, and for you to waste it breaking rocks, it makes no damn sense.”

Now, that’s someone that cares.

That may come across as not caring, but it’s someone that actually cares.

Who doesn’t care is your friends that are trying to keep you in a little box. They want you there every day when they pick you up, whatever that looks like to you. “Oh, you’re trying to better yourself? Well, who do you think you are?” That’s not a friend you should care about losing.

If people are trying to keep you in your little box, “Who do you think you are?” That’s not a friend that you should lose sleep over. They ain’t losing sleep over you.

You wanting to grow is challenging their not-growth. That person that wishes you well, that Ben Affleck, that’s a good friend.

They care enough to risk looking like a jerk.

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