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Do you see the potential of your team, but they aren’t hitting it?

Here I share the secret power of keeping your teammates happy and engaged.

Why You Need to Believe in Your Network Marketing Team, Not Their Potential

No leader is out there like, “Hey, I wanna make my people feel like crap.” No one says that.

So you’re doing it out of caring, “I want these people to produce more because that’s what it takes for me to be happy, and I think they deserve, they’ve got so much potential, they’re so amazing.”

And that’s great, but just think about it like your kids.

Parenting Analogy:

Go to your teenager or older child and say, “You’re so smart, I really wish you’d be a doctor, I really wish for you, for you, I’d really like for you to be a doctor.” Does that come across great if they don’t wanna be a doctor?

It’s like, “Oh, sorry I’m not a doctor, I’m a teacher because I love that.”

“Yeah, but it would be great if you were a doctor. It’d be so cool, it’d just be really neat.”

How do they feel? Do they feel empowered? “Wow, they see so much potential in me.”

No, they’re like, “Man, I’m a big fat loser. I guess what I’m doing is not enough.”

Does that analogy help you?

Because you’re doing it out of love. I get it. You’re not trying to make them feel bad, and yet you believe they should be making more money.

If that’s not their level of desire, and they’re happy where they are, keep them happy.

Levels of Desire

With my sons, I never wanna push my agenda on them. They’re 20 and 19 years old, and both are now in college, it’s crazy.

I wanted them to be exposed to things I’d never been exposed to. They’ve been on video, sold from stage, and they’ve done some things that I wasn’t exposed to as a little kid.

Years ago, I used to go to Wal-mart clearance, Target clearance, yard sales, things like that, and I’d study eBay. So I knew what toys sold well. I would buy high quality toys, the kids would play with them, and then I’d resell them at a profit on eBay. I was shipping out all kinds of stuff, and sometimes I’d hit the mother lode.

Then I went a different direction, went into real estate. So, there was a whole cache of toys that I never got the chance to flip.

A few years ago I told my boys, I said, “Hey, if you guys wanna sell that on eBay you can, just keep the money, don’t worry about it.”

And they’re like, “Oh cool, all right.”

So a few months later, maybe a month or two later, I asked them, I said, “Hey, how’d that go? How did all that go, did you sell anything? Make some money?”

My Brandon, he goes, “People don’t really wanna pay the shipping.”

And that’s when it kinda clicked for me. It was a little hard click, I’m like, “Ah, they’re just either not ready or they’re just not entrepreneurs.” And that’s okay.

I wasn’t disappointed. They can be amazing individuals and not be my exact version of who I am.

And, they don’t have to be entrepreneurs for me to be happy. They can be whatever they want and be happy. We have an amazing relationship.

But boy, if I was addicted, if I just hounded them and said, “Man, if only you just started your own business, man, if only you started doing networking, if only you did this,” I assure you, our relationship wouldn’t be as good.

With Your Teammates

As the same with kids, with teammates, be more addicted to the relationship than them being a version of someone that you’d wish that they become.

If they are in your team, love on them. Appreciate them for being there. High-five ’em. Be grateful for where they are at.

Did you find that helpful?

Let me know what you think in the comments below. And, feel free to share this with your teammates.

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