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Do you have introverts on your team that you are trying to help?

If so, here’s how to get your introverts out producing anyone else.

Why Really Shy People Can Crush It In Network Marketing

So first of all, (and this might hurt some of y’all alpha dogs…) I believe that introverts are MORE duplicatable in network marketing.

And the reason is an introvert is more likely to actually follow the system, okay?

Introvert VS Extrovert

Often an extrovert has charisma, personality, persuasion, and influence. They are people who are outgoing, usually have charisma, personality, persuasion, more influence, and a plethora of friends. Often they tend to rely on their innate ability to connect with people, persuade them, influence them, and charisma them.

When I tell an introvert, “Hey, stop trying to use charisma and personality and instead use the damn tools.”

They’re like, “Well, man. I could do that. You’re saying don’t say much to them and point them to a video? Man, I can do that.”

So where the extrovert will try to use charisma, personality, persuasion, which is NOT duplicatable.

The introvert is like, “I don’t know what the hell is going on, but watch this video.”

For me, introverts are more likely to have duplication IF they’re told that.

Because some introverts see the leaders up on stage and they’re just making it happen, and pop, lock and dropping it, and they’re just like, “I can’t do all that.

So, introverts need to be told that they are more likely to have duplication. Because I really believe that’s true. I’m very serious about this.

Use The Tools & Events

Building your network marketing business is tools and events. That’s your business.

Stop trying to be the personality game show host, and instead just be the pointer.

  • “I don’t know about that, but watch this.”
  • “I’m not sure about that. It makes me feel good. It gives me energy. You might want to check that thing out over there.”

So, an introvert is more likely to rely heavily on tools which will make you more duplicatable.

[mashtweet tweet=”Stop trying to be the personality game show host, and instead just be the pointer.” quote=”Stop trying to be the personality game show host, and instead just be the pointer.”]

Find Examples Of Stories

I guarantee you there are people who are introverted and shy that have made it happen inside your company.

One of the things that I would do, is I would locate examples of stories.

I assure you there are people in your organization, or people in your company at least … Maybe they’re cross line to you, maybe they’re up line, down line, whatever.

I would love to see if you could do an interview with them, or have them on your team call, or get a video of them sharing.

Introverts Can Be Better At Closing During Presentations


I go to this meeting and there’s a guy there who’s just slick, man. He’s Slick Rick, he’s just making it happen. He was good. A good presenter. Had a deep voice, very authoritative, very powerful. He had all these cool stats and stuff. It was like, man. This guy’s good.

So, you know, I would invite people to his presentations and I would get 10 people there. One to two would join.

I’m like, “Oh, he’s presenting? Oh, goody. I can get people over there. 10-20%, sign up.”  Get 10-20 people there and get, 10-20% sign up. Great, right? It’s a good model.

Now, what was interesting is I hear he’s speaking, “Oh, he’s going to be speaking,” so I get people over there. I get there, and he’s not speaking. Instead it’s someone else.

So it’s a woman presenting, which is totally fine.

But I meet her and she is SO quite. You can barely hear her on stage. I’m like, “Oh no. Oh no.”

She is not interesting and people are checking their phones. They’re just like, “Oh my God.” And then she gets to the income disclosure statement.

She says, “I’m an Emerald. And Emerald is that.” So the people in the room, they’re like about to pass out. They look at Emerald. They scroll over it. It says $180,000.00 a year. They kind of clear their eyes a little bit. They scroll back over Emerald, $180,000.00 a year. Emerald, her, $180,000.00 a year. They’re literally holding their face now. They’re like … they’re confused, jaw agape. Emerald, her, $180,000.00 a year.

They ALL sign up. Every single human being I got in front of her ever signed up.

Do you know why? Is it because she was so Slick Rick at presenting the opportunity? Is it because she was just a product maven? Or, is it because she could explain every ingredient in every bottle? No. Because people saw that and they’re like, “If she can do it. I’m gonna kill this.”

Don’t Sell The Burger, Sell The Franchise

[mashtweet tweet=”I don’t sell the burger. I sell the franchise. – Jeff Altgilbers” quote=”I don’t sell the burger. I sell the franchise. – Jeff Altgilbers”]

My man Jeff Altgilbers is one of our good friends and one of our clients.

He says, “I don’t sell the burger. I sell the franchise.”

So, just curious, is it MIT rocket scientists that run McDonald’s franchises? Or, is it 18 year olds?

It’s systemized where anyone can kind of walk of a street and say, “Hi. I run a burger through here? Okay. All right. Two pickles you say? Okay. All right. Here you go.”

So, you’re not selling the burger, you’re selling the franchise.

[mashtweet tweet=”If people believe that they can do what you can do, they’ll do it.” quote=”If people believe that they can do what you can do, they’ll do it.”]

If you’re a heavyweight champion of persuasion, then they’re going to say, “Good for you, buddy. I can’t do what you do. I’ve got no shot.” 

They can’t do what you do if they’re impressed by your charisma.

You’re not selling the thing. You’re selling the idea that they can do what you do.

So, start understanding that utilizing tools, utilizing the system, utilizing events, understanding that you leaning up them versus being extrovert, actually increases your chances of duplication.

Did you find that helpful?

Let me know what you think in the comments below. And, feel free to share this with your teammates.

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