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Online Marketers and How They Struggle with MLM Duplication

First of all, let me say that the reason online marketers struggle with duplication is probably not why you think. This is a very complex issue with many variables that I am going to tackle in this blog post. Understand what it takes to get MLM duplication and you can set yourself free from financial stress.

Is the Internet The Enemy?

From being the number one income earner in my company I have conversations with network marketing owners and other people in the industry that I think most people would not have. MOST network marketing company owners do not like Internet marketers or even the Internet as they rarely see someone that markets online build anything sustainable. They see an online marketer come onboard, make a big splash and then go do something else the next month or year. They also worry about product and compensation claims floating around the Internet and so some companies will not even allow Internet marketing. But, is the big bad Internet really the problem when it comes to MLM duplication?

Who do Network Marketing company owners Salivate over?

If you look at every billion dollar company in the industry, they were all, 100% of them, built the old school way of doing meetings, shaking hands and belly to belly. Network marketing company owners know that the people willing to do offline stuff is where the action really is. Building communities, relationships and belief through live interactions cannot be beaten. And, I, Agree with them. My best duplication and income come from people willing to take this sort of action.

5 Reasons Online MLM Marketers Struggle with Duplication

1. If they are a successful marketer, chances are they can create income easily by producing another product or making sales. What they miss is that they will HAVE to keep doing this type of activity for the rest of their lives unless they build a residual income (who the heck wants to work hard the rest of their life?)

2. Online marketers typically stay away from getting on the phone and really spending time listening to their buyers and or teammates. I have yet to meet someone making $100,000 a month or more in network marketing residual income that was not great at creating relationships.

3. Online marketers aren’t always treated right by their upline as they don’t understand how to lead or coach them. Online marketers win about every recruiting contest any company will ever have but then don’t know why they don’t duplicate. They need to be coached, not treated like the black sheep.

4. Online MLM marketers are blitzed by affiliate contests constantly, always stressing the sale and not the building of a team or duplication. Naturally, what are they going to focus on when it comes to their primary company?

5. Online marketers run the risk of burning out. This is why it is so crucial to create residual income to prevent this sort of thing from happening.

Suggestions to help your MLM duplication

Make connections, build relationships and serve people. You can do this through the Internet or offline but not without a phone. Be willing to do the work you wish your MLM team would do. My first 6 months in my primary company was an opportunity lunch every week, home meetings, webinars and tons of time on the phone. Had I not done that level of base work, I never would have created the residual income I now enjoy. If you create a residual income that lasts, you can then play with projects down the road if you want. I still do all those activities just don’t have to do them to the degree I did when I first started.

Most people will skip this set of work and just try to be like the online marketers, which, will not work, and, over the long haul, NOT doing this work, may have you wasting your time. Know this: If it is going to last a long time, most likely it is NOT going to happen quickly.

My Opinion on the Internet in regards to MLM duplication

You have probably never read an article like this that pinpoints the landmines that successful or even budding online marketers face when it comes to MLM duplication. If you can combat these gotchas, the Internet can be a powerful TOOL to use to build your relationship base. Know that this industry is ALWAYS about helping people and that a rep in your downline is NOT another sale but another person you have the opportunity to help. I believe in the next three years you will see a whole new breed of online MLM marketers that do things the right way that have an unshakable brand as well as an unshakable residual income that ALL marketers will envy.

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