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Why Network Marketing Success
is so Elusive


If anyone can do it, how come so few achieve network marketing success? This post will share some of my thoughts on the matter.

What was your mindset when you decided to Join Network Marketing?

When you decided to join network marketing, what were your expectations? I firmly believe that this state of mind, is CRITICAL to determine whether you will achieve network marketing success or not.

The Land of the Lost

Why do people join network marketing? Probably from one or more of these reasons:

– They like the idea of being their own boss
– They NEED to make extra money
– They like the idea of traveling more and spending more time with loved ones
– They want to belong to something cool and exciting
– Among other things

However, it is not the WHY of people joining that is important, it is their expectations. Let me share when I started with my network marketing company…

Beating the Odds: How I’ve Made Over a Million Dollars with my MLM

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Yep, it’s true. My wife and I have now made over 1 million dollars in commissions with our network marketing company. How the heck did that happen? How were we able to create network marketing success when so few do?

Check out my expectations when I joined…

When I joined my network marketing company, I told Jessica that it was going to be a really crappy 2-3 years. I told her I was going to spend all day, everyday on the phone in my office. I told her that we would NOT be going out for dinner, going on vacations or doing anything but work for a very long time. In a nutshell, if she stuck with me, which, we were only dating at the time, she was signing up for hell. I was NOT looking at it like some stupid lottery ticket, I was looking to become a master of my craft. I was NOT going to stop until I became a top earner and I knew it would take years. I invested my time and energy into mastering the craft AND doing the profit producing actitivities that were required for me to get myself out of foreclosure and into the ranks of the being a top earner in this profession.

Compare that to either when you joined or people you know joined network marketing. Do you believe that most people join with this type of conviction or expectations or do they usually come in thinking it will be easy, give it 4-14 days and then quit due to it not working? Then, of course, they tell everyone they know that it doesn’t work. I wonder if they would treat going to law school with the same type of non-conviction. (Probably not, and most lawyers I know don’t have the freedom of my wife and I)

Increase Your Chances of Network Marketing Success

rj-HigdonVIP--89aDecide to take this profession seriously. Decide that you are willing to invest your time and money into mastering your craft. Decide that this profession may be the smartest long term move you can ever make for your life and family. Master network marketing, and your life can be free. Can you say that about owning your own business or being an employee somewhere? I doubt it.

Help us help more people create success by sharing this around. Raise the vibration, help set realistic expectations and lets all agree to eliminate the hype. We believe in you!

To Your Abundance!

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