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Unfortunately, most network marketers operate like a sales manager. It’s not good for your team. It’s not good for you. It’s not good for the industry.

Here I share exactly why it’s important to start acting like a Gym Owner.

Why Network Marketers Need To Think More Like Gym Owners Than Sales Managers

First, let’s talk about culture in network marketing,

The Thompson rule. I learned this from one of network marketing’s great leaders of all time, and that is Larry Thompson. Larry and Taylor Thompson, are just amazing.

There are three main categories not just in any team, but in any organization. This includes corporations. This includes churches. This includes gyms. Any organization, any kind of group, consists of 80%, 15%, and 5%.

It’s not level of results. It’s level of desire.

Levels Of Desire

80% of any network marketing organization is happy making $0 to $500 a month.

There people in a network marketing organization not making money. But are happy to belong, happy to be a part of the organization, happy to be part of a community, happy to be around other uplifting individuals, happy to be making friends, happy to be on the product, happy to be using the service.

15% have a desire to make $2,000 to $3,000 a month. That’s their goal. They get to that, they’re good to go. It’s what they want. That’s their level of desire.

5% want to make $25,000 or more a month.

How Most Leaders Train

The problem is, most of your trainers are five-percenters.

What do five-percenters think? Well, that everyone else should be five-percenters.

They’ll always ask the impossible mathematical question, which is, “Well, how do I make my eighty-percenters five-percenters?” It’s not possible.

Now, is it possible for some to get them to catch a spark. Is it possible for some to catch a spark and get to the 15% or the 5%? Sure.

Is it possible for someone to be a five-percenter and go the other way? Is it possible for someone to say, “You know what? I’ve been running hard for 16 years, and you know what? I’m going to spend some time with my family”? Of course.

But the numbers are always going to be right in this range. You’re just never, ever going to have a team of 100 people and all 100 are making six figuresThat’s never going to happen. It’s mathematically impossible.

So, this is very important to the health and the longevity of your network marketing organization. Very important.

If people are made to feel bad for being an 80-percenter, for being okay with $0 to $500 a month, then guess what happens?  The bulk of your volume will be turned off and will leave, and will go off autoship or stop ordering things.

Our mission as network marketers is to make people feel good. Regardless of their level of desire or level of result.

[mashtweet tweet=”Our mission as network marketers is to make people feel good. Regardless of their level of desire or level of result.” quote=”Our mission as network marketers is to make people feel good. Regardless of their level of desire or level of result.”]

Celebrate EVERYONE on Your Team

If someone is a customer, but they’re just not telling anybody… celebrate them. Thank them. Congratulate them for being a great customer.

Don’t browbeat them that they really should be telling more people.

If you make the eighty-percenters feel good, all of your leaders make more money, all of your volume is higher, and people will stay forever if they’re just made to feel good.

Some five-percenters are like, “Yeah, that makes sense. I just need to get tougher with them.” Let’s not do that.

If their level of desire is not that high, it’s okay.

If you are in their face, you’re going to lose a massive amount of volume, and you’re going to be sabotaging yourself when you don’t need to.

I want you to think about this. If you’ve recruited 10 people, the chances of eight of them not doing anything as far as not recruiting, is actually statistically pretty likely.

Now, some people break those statistics. Sometimes people get lucky. They’re, “I just got two, and two people turned into a million people. It’s amazing.” Those are the lotto winners. Very rare.

How I Got My Team To Duplicate

I didn’t have massive duplication right away.

At five months, you would think I was the worst leader of all time.

I recruited a bunch of people, but I kept going.

I would find someone with a little bit higher level of desire. All of a sudden, they would start working.

I find someone with even higher level of desire. They would start working.

What’s cool is, some of these actions would actually get these eighty-percenters excited.

They’d be like, “Wait a minute. You know what? Maybe I do want to make a little bit of extra money. Okay, awesome. Let’s do this. I’m here for you.” But I wasn’t in their face shaking them, telling them that, “Hey, you need to be one of these, man.” I wasn’t doing it.

Making them feel good, they stuck around the campfire long enough to catch a spark. And even if they didn’t, I was happy with them.

What if someone’s in your organization for 22 years, and never recruits a soul, never makes a dime? Congratulations for having such a great culture. Congratulations for having such a great product. Congratulations for having such a great service. Congrats. That’s amazing and awesome. You are a fantastic leader.

Now, if you think, “Well, I didn’t get them to do anything.” That is because that’s your addiction, not theirs.

Are You An Eighty-Percenter?

I know you might be saying, “I’m an eighty-percenter?”

No, you’re not.

Because if you’re reading a training like this, you have a level of desire higher than 0- $500 bucks a month.

I’m willing to bet. See, it’s not result. It’s level of desire.

You might not be making a damn penny, but you got a desire that’s extremely high. Well, keep going.

Gym Owners VS Sales Managers

Let’s break it down. In the video below I share how the normal network marketing leader operates, like a sales manager. And, why it’s important to operate like a Gym Owner.

Did you find that helpful?

Let me know what you think in the comments below. And, feel free to share this with your teammates.

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