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Why Most MLM Recruiting Training Sucks

Last night on my fourth call for MLM recruiting mastery I talked about how most trainers unintentionally don’t help the majority of people. In this post I will help you understand why some of the MLM training you have purchased is not helping.

Pinpointing the Problem with MLM Recruiting Training

The majority of people that come into the network marketing industry have never had ANY sales training. The majority of people that train on MLM recruiting have had extensive training in sales. This creates a gap (in most cases) where the MLM recruiting trainer is teaching people…like they learn.

Then, what happens to the person without sales training once they purchase the MLM training teaching them to be a sales person is they TRY to be something they are not AND they have not had enough training to truly be a sales person. This creates frustration. Frustration with the ease of which the MLM training says it will be and the difference they are experiencing.

How to Fix the Problem with MLM Recruiting Training

1. If you are a trainer of MLM recruiting, remember the 90% that are NOT like you and teach people to be nice, be networkers and to not forget about retail sales.

2. If you are someone who has purchased MLM recruiting training just to be frustrated as it suggests you become something you are not…don’t worry about it so much. Instead of trying to “close” friends, family and strangers, just look to be a good networker. Help people get referrals, be a good listener and show off your product for potential retail sales.

If You Have Never Had Sales Training…

The beautiful part about network marketing is ANYONE from any walk of life can have success. The reality is that the majority of our workforce have NOT been trained in sales. Teachers, police officers, firefighters, nurses, etc have never had to generate a commission and yet we throw them into the same MLM recruiting training next to the people who have been in sales all their life. Know that there is great MLM training out there but you DON’T have to try to be something you are not while you continue to learn. As interacting with other people is your most profitable skill you can learn, I would suggest investing in MLM recruiting training but don’t stress yourself out if you don’t sound exactly like the expert trainer in your first week or so…it’s OK, some of the highest paid network marketers are just great networkers and NEVER grew into great sales people. If you need help choosing the right MLM recruiting training for you, feel free to shoot me an email at [email protected] and I will do my best to match you up with something that will help.

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