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Why I’m Rocking a 90 Day Challenge

As the number one earner in my network marketing company and having created a serious amount of residual income, several have asked me why the heck would you commit to running 16 hour days, 6 days a week by doing a hardcore 90 day challenge? The answers are below and it just might impact your approach to building your network marketing business!

What do I REALLY mean by a 90 day challenge?

This is not a paper challenge, not a lipstick induced look good challenge and NO, this doesn’t involve yummy shakes or before and after pictures (although it may for you in your company).

I consider the word “challenge” sacred, to be whispered in the ears of warriors since the dawn of time. Since one tribe of apes determined that using a stick as a weapon made them superior to the tribe that hadn’t figured this out yet, “Challenge” is not to be used lightly.

In Network marketing terms I first ran across the concept of a 90 day challenge from my now good friend Eric Worre. He talked about GRINDING out a full court press in your MLM for 90 days to explode your business. Then by working personally with Larry Thompson (the Millionaire Maker), the concept became even more clear.

“A true 90 day challenge is a time condenser”

Who Should Rock a 90 Day Challenge?

First of all, you can rock a 90 day challenge in any company. The reason 90 days is a good amount of time is most people are too short sighted to commit to a multiple year approach to building their MLM whereas almost anyone worth their salt can commit to running hard for 90 days.

The following types of people should consider finding a team to do a 90 day challenge:

– People sick of showing up to conventions or events, year after year, in the same financial status

– People that don’t want to wait years to have financial freedom

– People that are tired of hearing bullshit from their friends and family on how they will never be successful (pardon my french)

Video: My Thoughts on a 90 day blitz


Remember, if you are in my team, be sure to ask me for the activity tracker, the 90 day blitz training and the three way leader list.
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