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Why I am Quitting
Online Affiliate Marketing

There has been some buzz on social media about me retiring or me quitting the Internet, this post will set all the rumors straight and help you see why I am quitting online affiliate marketing.

What is Online Affiliate Marketing?

I don’t wanna make any assumptions that you know what online affiliate marketing is, so, real quick, online affiliate marketing is where you get compensated for selling a product that is not yours but typically tied to a personal link of yours.

Anytime you see a big “product launch” being promoted, people have become affiliates of that product and are promoting that product through their link to be compensated. By the way, I am NOT saying there is ANYTHING wrong with online affiliate marketing, it’s just that, I am NOT going to be participating in that way of making money online.


I came into Network marketing to focus on residual income. By the way, if you want to see my video on the difference, watch this Affiliate Marketing vs Network Marketing. Network Marketing has provided me a nice RESIDUAL income for years now that has been wonderful and along the way I dove into online affiliate marketing and have done really well with that too.

So, whats the problem?

The problem is that if you are serving two masters, both will suffer. There are an ENDLESS supply of great products out there. My friends at MLSP, Magnetic Sponsoring, J Budd, etc all have amazing products that are wonderful for online marketing however, when you promote a lot of things you confuse your network marketing team and if they are confused, you won’t have the growth you would have had if you kept it simple. This is why I am eliminating ALL of that other stuff to hone in on my network marketing company and do a 90 day blitz to bring all my leaders, teammates (new and old) and we are all going to be marching to the same beat to create an empire.

The Timing of this Change

I have had the pleasure of hanging out with multi-millionaires in the Network Marketing world as well as the online affiliate marketing world and it is apparent to me that the true masters are the ones that have built teams and leaders within Network Marketing. These are the ones that have created massive passive incomes that come in month after month without them ever even knowing what a product launch is.

Another thing I prefer about Network Marketing is that you can literally get coached by the best of the best by EARNING it, not by paying for it. For example in the next 90 days me and my team will be getting personally trained and mentored by the Millionaire Maker, Larry Thompson, a guy who has helped generate hundreds of millions in commissions.

I believe our industry is primed for a change and I am excited to bring some change. Yes, I have been at the very top of almost any affiliate marketing contest I have entered in the last few years but no longer as I am focusing all my efforts, heart and energy into a leader breeding ground with my network marketing business.

Common Questions About My New Focus

Q: Does this mean you are going to stop using the Internet?
A: No, it does not. The Internet, if used properly, is a great TOOL to connect with other people around the world.

Q: Are you going to stop blogging?
A: No, the content of my blog will be what I am doing for the 90 day blitz and details on how exactly I am helping my team and I take this industry to another level. I believe the content on this blog will become irresistible as it’ll be all about being in the trenches and how exactly we are rocking it.

Q: What if I bought affiliate products already? Should I throw them out the window?
A: Well that would be silly. This is me CHOOSING another way, that doesn’t mean the other ways don’t still work or are no longer valid. I just won’t be promoting them due to being solely focused on my team and teammates.

Q: Are you saying that you would prefer to have a large network marketing compensation than be an information marketing guru?
A: Yes.

Q: Will you be personally sponsoring people during this 90 day blitz or passing them off to your team?
A: I have already started personally sponsoring people for our very first National Expansion team and will continue to do so. I will be helping out people in the team with mentoring calls, three way calls, webinars, home/hotel/lunch meetings.

Q: When you talk about your 90 day blitz, what does that actually mean?
A: Too long to answer here but you can watch my video about it – 90 Day Blitz

If you have grown accustomed to the value I provide on this blog, I believe you are going to be blown away with the next 90 days of content (starting next week). IF you have questions for me, please post a comment below. IF you are on my team and ready to rock with me during this 90 day blitz, comment below and tell the world!

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