If you are wondering, why do I hate my sales job, this post is going to help.

First I’m going to help you with overcoming your negative feeling about sales. Next I’m going to share why sales is such a powerful skill to develop and how to develop it. Lastly, I’m going to share with you how to change your life whether you stay in the sales job or not.

How do you overcome your negative feeling around sales? 

There’s two main reasons that really boil down to one, that people hate sales or why they hate if you are in a sales job and that is rejection. Most people don’t like rejection. Why do we not like rejection? Because honestly it kind of makes us look and feel stupid. I found that most people will do anything to avoid looking stupid, even if that risk of looking stupid could lead them to their dream life. Dream life, looking stupid. Oh no, no they’ll more resonate over not looking stupid than going after their dream life. I’ll tell you as I’ve been a full-time entrepreneur, and business owner for 17 years now and I can tell you there’s a lot of stuff that I did that made me look stupid. I don’t mean being a clown and dancing around or something but I made decisions that a lot of people may not have made. I had worked my way up in the corporate world to a pretty high paying salary. I decided to leave to start my business on my own. A lot of people told me I was stupid, a lot of people said, “why would you throw away your benefits? Why would you do that, that’s crazy,but those decisions of willingness to look stupid is what led me to the life of my dreams.

Living in the amazing house, of having a wonderful, wonderful family, of traveling the world and speaking on stages all over the world. I literally am living my dream life and it’s because I wasn’t so worried about looking stupid or people calling me out for looking stupid. I want to encourage you to get in your head that it’s really not a big deal to get rejection.

One of the books that really helped me and may help you as well is a book called Go for No. That sounds like a a terrible book title. Doesn’t it? Because it’s like no, no. I prefer to get a yes. Go for No is really powerful because it reduces your resistance to rejection and your reaction to rejection. Instead of being so worried, if you’re in a sales job, about what someone might say to you, you realize it’s just not that big of a deal.

A good example of this is the waiter or waitress. When they come over to you and say, “hey would you like a slice of key lime pie?” and you say, “no” they don’t become distraught all of a sudden and scream “why” into the air and question their existence. They’re like “okay doke, here’s your receipt.” They don’t feel stupid, they don’t care if you get it or not ,they’re not really emotionally attached to you saying yes to their key lime pie. It’s not a big deal. Do you know why that’s the case? Because they serve people over and over and over and over and over and over and over. Now if they served one person a day or one person a week then it’d probably be a different story. If management was really increasing pressure on the sales of key lime pies then that might be a different story, but their job is to offer it, that’s also your job.

In any kind of sales, your job is to offer the solution that you have, to offer the service or the product, whatever it is that you’re selling.  Just offer it. If they’re open to learning more, you proceed forward. If they’re not, that’s okay. It’s not a big deal. Now the second thing that Go for No helps with is your reaction to rejection. It makes it so that when you do get rejected, it’s not you eating ice cream all day or you questioning your existence. It’s like okay no big deal. Now when I heard that, I said you know what? I like this concept I’m actually going to go for no. I’m going to set a no goal. I set a daily no goal of 20 no’s a day.

Now just to set that that picture there, I had lost it all in the real estate market. This was back in the 2008 real estate market crash. I was broke, I was in foreclosure, I went through a divorce, I was actively selling furniture to try to pay my bills which I was not doing and didn’t really know what I was going to do. I got invited to check out a network marketing opportunity. I went to that home meeting, I didn’t want to do it but I really didn’t have many options, I did it and I decided I’m going to go for 20 no’s a day in five months, I was at 10,000 a month in 7 months, 40,000 a month in 10 months, 50,000 a month, made millions of dollars with that company, totally changed my life. I went for 20 no’s a day every single day. I was going for 20 no’s a day. Now full disclosure I did that for about six months maybe and then I kind of was making pretty good money. I didn’t stay committed to that 20 no’s a day, if I had my business would have grown even bigger and faster.

It was just that I got to where there was absolutely no reaction to rejection. If you can get to that place, it’s a beautiful, place. Your closing rate will actually increase. Which that sounds kind of strange but when someone rejects you and you’re like, “okay no big deal.” It’s a different experience than all this pent up emotion that you have about possibly getting rejected or looking stupid. You are calmer, you’re just more attracting, you’re someone that people actually want to work with more. Desperation just doesn’t work so don’t do it. That’s how to start feeling better about sales. Just get over the whole concept of looking stupid and know that no one’s going to remember you offering them a service or product years from now so why worry so much about what they think about it or what they say?

Do this next.

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Why is sales such a powerful skill to develop?

Well you can get anything that you want if you get better at sales and understand sales. It’s not just whatever we are talking about right now. It’s not whatever you’re selling right now, whatever that is. It’s everything. It’s you selling your wife on that vacation home, it’s selling your kids to do their chores. If you understand the basics of communicating in a way that makes someone want to move forward then you’re just going to have a more powerful life.

Let me give an example. Two Saturdays ago, I was the speaker at a child abuse awareness event. As someone who grew up with child abuse, that’s a topic very near and dear to my heart. So every year I speak for this event, no charge, I love doing it and I help them raise money. I help them raise money to get more counselors on out working with families. They do a lot of work with kids in foster care and I just love it. While I was doing it, I noticed that the donations weren’t coming in as great as they could and so I had to turn on some sales. At the podium, I’m like all right on your table there’s this little thing. It’s called fun to cause, this is what it does, this is what we’re doing. If you have the ability to give and you feel it in your heart to give and so I turned on some of the reasons why they may want to give some of their hard-earned money to this cause to help the kids. If I was nervous nelly about selling or nervous nelly about talking about the benefits of moving forward and donating and helping the kids then I wouldn’t have been able to help them nearly as much as I did. We were able to raise a very nice amount of money to help a lot of a lot of kids.

I want you to really look at sales not as a negative thing, I think some people they look at sales as being pushy. I wasn’t pushy, I had people come up to me and thank me and say, “oh my god thank you so much. Thanks for explaining all that and that really you know made me excited to donate. So this is not about being pushy, it’s not about being arrogant or aggressive or anything like that. It’s about explaining the benefits of what you have to offer.

Let me explain the difference between convincing and persuading.

Convincing is the energy of you trying to get someone to do what you want them to do. Persuading is explaining to them in a way to get them to do what they already want to do.

Now if someone just doesn’t want to donate, I’m not going to try to convince them. They don’t want to do it but I am going to try to persuade them to do what they already want to do, they came to the charity event. They want to give. Let me give them every reason to give. Let’s say for example you sell some kind of weight loss solution. If you’re speaking to someone and they’re expressing any kind of interest then stop convincing them, just persuade them they want to lose weight. Help them make that decision by sharing with them the benefits and stories and testimonials and different things and help them get to where they want to go. Not help them get what you want them to buy, but help them get where they want to go, that’s the difference between convincing and persuading.

Here’s how to change your life whether you stay in sales or not.

Always always always focus more of your energy and attention on the things you want in your life, not the things that you don’t want. If you’re showing up to this sales job and you’re like “oh man,” then you’re going to locate more things in your life to hate. You’re going to resonate at that emotion, you’re going to vibrate that all around you, everyone’s going to know that you hate it. No one wants to buy from someone who hates their job. Instead focus on what is it that you do want in your life. What is it that you do like? What is it that you do want? Focus more of your attention and energy on the attainment and the seeing of things that you actually want in your life than the negative.

This is tricky. I’m not saying it’s so easy. It’s customary for us to focus on our challenges and draw into our attention the things that we really don’t want and really upset us and are negative. The media is very good at this, politicians are very good at this. You need to be better, you need to be better at focusing on what are the things you want in your life and what are the things you’re grateful for in your life. If you hold those emotions and you hold those vibrations, all of a sudden you’ll see your life improve.

All right so I want to help you with getting more sales. We have put together 30 best questions that will work for really any industry. Here’s the link, higdongroup.com/30questions. It’s my 30 best questions to increase your sales. It’s a free pdf so feel free to grab it and to share if you have other people that you’re friends with or teammates that you want to help them with their sales. I know you’re going to love it.

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