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When To Use Your Approach to
Build MLM Business Opportunities

The good thing is you have all the freedom in the world to build MLM business opportunities however you want using as much or little time as you want and with no required educational process, certification or degree. The bad thing is you have all the freedom in the world to build MLM business opportunities however you want using as much or little time as you want and with no required educational process, certification or degree. So, this blog is designed to help you avoid the mistakes I made in past MLM business opportunities that kept my pay low and my residual crappy.

People Learn Way too Much About Their MLM business opportunities

Any upline worth their salt will tell you not to learn the compensation plan, the details of the products or to become an information junkie as you risk making the number one mistake of recruiting and that is saying too much. However, why don’t more follow this advice?

If you want to become a doctor you have to go to years of school that trains you to follow a system of doing surgeries, cleanup, etc. They do NOT suggest being creative about doing brain surgery. I don’t think too many doctors, after going through training, think, you know, they say to use pliers to move the medulla oblongata but I think a monkey wrench would work better. Why do we do this when trying to build MLM business opportunities?

When you have all the freedom in the world, with no required training, you don’t take the optional information that serious

People that have no faith in themselves look at outside influences on why they are failing. They think that there are secrets that get passed around to the MLM leaders that never get shared with the downline. This is just crazy. I want you all to understand this FACT about MLM leaders:

All Leaders of all MLM business opportunities are GREEDY

It is true. You heard it here. Finally, someone said it! All Leaders are greedy. They greedily want to make a ton of money, however, they have one problem, YOU. The only way they can make a crazy amount of money is to get you making money. Every MLM Leader I have ever talked to knows that they can only make so much on their efforts and that the big money comes when their team is making a lot of money. If you have a limited mindset, you may think that MLM Leaders keep those top secrets from you so they can hog all the recruits themselves. That is simply not true. If an MLM Leader has something that actually works, you are the first to know about it as they are greedy but usually also very lazy (at least long term). They are lazy long term in that they do NOT want to work hard for 40 years, they want to work hard for a few years and let other people do the rest.

So what does all this mean?

Here is my suggestion. IF your upline is making more money than you are in your company, listen to what they suggest, they are going to greedily tell you how to make the most money that will make them the most money. Follow their advice until you make at least $10,000 and then, and only then, try your own approach if you want. You will more than likely find that their way will continue to provide results for you forever but, don’t knock it until you really try it. Make $10,000 then make the choice! I can tell you that the number one reason I DID NOT build a million dollar business in my first of many MLM business opportunities is because I did it using my own approach, versus following the system that had been working. The worst thing is my approach worked, but only for a short time.


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