Branding Yourself

Are you trying to brand yourself, but don’t know where to start?

Here I share exactly what to share in order to brand yourself and get more sales.

What You Need To Know About Branding Yourself

What’s the best way to brand oneself outside of our business?

To me, a good brand is a brand that gives value.

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Well, what’s value? It solves problems.

It entertains, or it helps others attain desires.

If you boil down any good brand, you’re probably able to fit it into this.

Gary V, you want to be fired up, pumped up and you want to hustle harder? Well, he helps to solve that problem. You want to make more money, be a better marketer, whatever. He helps you attain those desires. Sometimes he’s entertaining.

Grant Cardone, same kind of scenario.

The Kardashians, I guess with some of their different makeup lines and things like that, maybe they solve the problem. Some believe they entertain.

You don’t have to have credibility.

Notice what you don’t have to have on here. What you don’t have to have is you don’t have to have expertness. You don’t even have to have credibility.

I’m going to give you two examples and they both happened to be named Rachael. Isn’t that interesting?

Rachael Ray, when she got her cooking show, she barely knew how to cook. She happened to be at the right place at the right time. Look it up, look up her story. Right place, right time.

They said, “You can cook?” “I can cook.” She couldn’t cook. Went into there, learned some stuff, became a celebrity, right?

Second one, Rachel Hollis. I’m honored, it will be super cool, going to share the stage with her in August.

She says, “Listen, guys, I’m not a marriage expert. I’m not a parenting expert. I’m literally not an expert of anything,” but she brings her spunk, her funk, her personality, and her vulnerability.


You want to be next level brand, have some vulnerability. You want to be next level brand, be an overcomer.

Before I was willing to share that I was in foreclosure, I started creating training, and at first it was for real estate. Was I a real estate expert? I didn’t have a realtor license. I was very far from an expert. I had read a few books, I’d done a few deals, and every time I learned something, I shared it.

Then when I went into network marketing, I started sharing things around sales and marketing and social media and closing and recruiting and prospecting and things like that.

So, I was solving problems.

So in the beginning, I looked to solve problems. I wasn’t entertaining. I wasn’t vulnerable, because I was still in foreclosure. Okay?

I was still in foreclosure, so I wasn’t yet an overcomer. I wasn’t vulnerable yet, I wasn’t an overcomer yet. I wasn’t an expert, I wasn’t credible. I helped solve problems and I helped others attain desires. I told people how to sell more, how to close more, based on my experience.

Back then I didn’t know it was ILT, but I would go, I would read a book and share it.


ILT is your best friend. I invested time, possibly money, to learn something, then I taught it.

Invest, learn. teach.

So, every time I read a book, I guarantee you I pulled some of the bullets from that book and I would share it in a video. Every time I went through a course, I guarantee you I would pull some notes from that course and I would share it in a video.

Share Your Journey

Everyone underestimates the journey. Why do people watch The Biggest Loser? Why do people watch American Idol?

That’s the juicy stuff that anybody can do. Anyone can do it.

What people can’t do and shouldn’t do for network marketing is I’ve got to get a bigger hat. I got to be an expert, credible, celebrity. That’s what I got to do. Because if you do that, then all of your team thinks they have to do that, too. They think they have to do that, too.

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