Here I’m sharing my tips on how to handle prospects who want to see you succeed first, before joining you.

What To Tell Prospects When They Want To See You Succeed First

Let’s start off by talking about posture.

Posture is the belief in what you have regardless of external acceptance or approval. A postured person doesn’t need any one person to sign-up, but what does help with growing, is numbers – talking to more people.

So, if  you’re talking to one person and you ask them to join your deal, they may say something like “Well, you just got started. I’ll watch what you do, and I’ll see how you do with it”. Then you may say “Well, it would really be cool if you joined me.” or “It would really be cool if you joined my team.”

But, if you’re talking to many different people and someone responds back with nonsense, you just brush them off.

That’s posture. Believing in what you have regardless of others opinions.

When you’re talking to one person, your world is that person in that moment, and you are probably thinking, “how do I convert this person?” and “how do I close this person?”

But, you have to stop caring about one individual. It doesn’t matter who they are – if you’re only talking to one person, then it is just going to cripple you.

Instead of spending way too much thought on one person, you should be talking to a whole bunch more people.

So here’s what I would say if someone says “I want to see how you do with it first.”

I would say, “Cool, no problem. Hey, do you know anyone that does want to make some money right now?” And if they say no, I would respond back “Okay, I’ve got to go. I’m going to make it happen, but I’ll catch up with you later.”

Then I go and talk to another individual. So I don’t get caught up on one person.

Posture = numbers.

So if someone asks something like “how much money are you making?” I’m likely going to say, “I’m just getting started, but I’m working with a guy that makes millions of dollars. Do you want to make some money or not? No? Cool, no problem. I’ll catch up with you later.”

That’s it. That’s posture and numbers. If you get that, then you’ll be able to answer so many of the things that are knocking you down.

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