mlm prospectingThis is another training around MLM prospecting to help you better handle yourself.

What should you say when someone asks about your results but you don’t have any to speak of? This will help.

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How to Deal with Progress Checkers

Do you have people that ask, “Hey, how’s that thing going?” “How are you doing with that thing?” How do you respond to that when things may not be going that well? This post will help.

I want you to understand that there are two things that are important. Number one, honesty. Being honest about it. Number two, excitement. You need to maintain excitement. Winston Churchill has a great quote, “Success is going from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm”.

You know what you can be excited about? Be excited about the stories that you heard at the last event. Be excited about the things that your up-line is teaching you. Be excited about some kind of product testimonial that you heard. Be excited about you hearing the story of someone who crossed stage. Be excited about the expansion of the company. Be excited about all of those different things. You maintain your enthusiasm.

When most people ask you “How is that thing going”, What they’re really doing is making you dance and putting you into weak posture.

When you respond without hesitation and you’re fired up. You’re saying, “Oh, my God, it’s amazing. I’m working with my up-line who’s done over a $1 million. It’s crazy. He’s teaching me step by step how to build this business. It’s awesome. We’re expanding into Australia, which is just crazy. It’s unbelievable. I just heard of a guy that was in Tuscaloosa and he just earned his first $100,000 and he had never made that much in his entire life. He was a substitute teacher.” I’m giving you some examples. Look for things to be excited about. Be prepared. If someone asks you, you need to be able to say those things.

I expand on this concept more in the below video, feel free to share with your teammates if you get value and you may also want to check out this training on Cold Market Prospecting.

NOTE: This video is from our Periscope channel, came out a little fuzzy but hope the message helps you

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