What do you do when you don’t have anyone to prospect? Here I share exactly how to find prospects and grow your network marketing business.

What To Do When You’ve Prospected Your Whole Contact List in Network Marketing

Step One

Go to your phone and I want you to scroll to the very bottom.

At the very bottom, depending on your phone of course, it says how many contacts you have. I have 6,841. That’s more than most. But let’s say you have 1,000. I want you to look at the 1,000 and I want you to ask yourself, “Have I called every single person?”

You haven’t.

I want you to go to your Facebook friends, and I want you to click the friends tab, and I want you to start at A. Just click Aaron, click Amanda, click Amy, click Andrea, click Antelope, click Anaconda. Click every A, click direct message, and look, open eyeballs … Open eyeballs to see, “Did I ever message them?”

If you’ve got 23 contacts, did you message all 23?

Step Two

Let’s say, seriously, like someone’s on here, “I have, Ray. I have reached out to every contact. I am animal, Ray.”

Reach back out to them.

I have people that I reach out to five, six, seven times.

Well, follow back up with them. Take one more pass. Because there are people that I recruited after talking to them five, six, seven times.

But, in the mere chance, the slight chance that you haven’t exhausted every single person you’re connected to, which is reality, then maybe you’ve got a few to go. Maybe there’s just some hope there.

But even if you did, you could go follow up with every single person and make another sweep, and then make another sweep, and then make another sweep.

Step Three

Then you start to do things where you go get cold market.

There’s a method where you can actually do things to prospect people that you don’t know.

Craziness, right? Nuts.

You go to a networking meeting, grab every business card that exists at the meeting. Call them the next day, “Hey, I see you’re a commercial real estate attorney. Hey, listen, I didn’t get a chance to talk to you at the meeting, but I’m just curious … We work with some attorneys in our company, and I’m just curious, would you be at all open to a side project currently doing? You’ll meet some interesting people, but would you be open to take a look at it? And if not, no big deal.”

Go to the car wash around your corner. Grab the business cards off the little cork board and say, “Hey, I see that you do landscaping. That’s awesome. You know what? We actually have some landscapers in our company in our side project that I do, and I’m just curious, I’m just throwing it out there. Would you be at all open to taking a look at what it is that we’re doing, if it doesn’t interfere with your landscaping business? And if you’re open, great, and if you’re not, no big deal.”

If you have to, go buy some leads. Go buy a couple thousand leads. Just burn through the phone.

Did you find that helpful?

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