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What to do When Your
MLM Leaders or Upline Moves on


It happens. MLM Leaders sometimes leave a company and leave their downline wondering what to do. Here’s some insight to help you when they quit, change companies or move on.

Why do MLM Leaders Move on?

There is no easy answer. Here’s what I have noticed:

– It’s rarely about something being wrong with the company
– It’s sometimes about the belief they can make more money somewhere else
– It’s sometimes an emotional pattern. There’s a guy that used to be in my downline and was making $15,000 a month that has since been in four companies in the last three years.

The truth is, there is never one universal reason when they quit or move on, it’s a combination of different things, ANY million dollar producer I have EVER met in this profession have had MLM leaders in their team (upline and downline) quit or change companies, and they still went on to make millions.

What to do When They Quit or Move On

If you have your MLM leaders or upline quit or change companies, you want to evaluate YOU first. Are you in the stage of your career where you are a follower? There’s honestly nothing to be embarrassed by this, MOST people that go on to become great leaders were once followers. I don’t consider myself a follower, but I certainly do follow a lot of people’s training that helps me but their actions do not dictate my business actions, does that make sense? There’s a difference between being a follower and simply learning from others. I strive to create leaders and people should follow my TRAINING and VALUE so long as it is valuable to them.

Video: The Truth About my Upline and What I did

I seriously hope you got the main point out of that video. Things happen, how you react to them is up to you. If you haven’t booked your ticket to No Excuses, would love to meet you out there.

To Your Abundance!

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