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Are you not passionate about your product or service?

Here’s my best advice for anyone who is unsure of their product, service, or network marketing as an industry.

What To Do If You’re Not Passionate About Your MLM Product Or Service

You don’t have to like what you’re selling to be able to sell.

This is because network marketing is so low overhead and low risk. Because of this, people will find any and every excuse on why they CAN’T build, on why they WON’T do the activity.

Some people will say, “I’m just not passionate about the product. I’m just not passionate about the product.”

You being passionate about the product or service is definitely a plus, for sure. Not mandatory though.

[mashtweet tweet=”You being passionate about the product or service is definitely a plus, for sure. Not mandatory though.” quote=”You being passionate about the product or service is definitely a plus, for sure. Not mandatory though.”]


Just think about this for a second. Do you think that every single human being that ever started a Domino’s franchise just loved Domino’s pizza?

You’re like, “Man, you know what? God, I love this pizza so much. If only my community could get more of this pizza into the bellies. Man, that would be awesome.”

They’re watching TV and a Domino’s franchise ad comes up and they’re like, “What? I love Domino’s pizza. It’s fantastic.” They dial it up and they’re like, “I love Domino’s pizza. It’s so delicious. It’s the best pizza ever.”

No. Not at all. Sorry, franchise owners.

What is Domino’s going to say?

Domino’s is going to say, “Well, no problem. We’re excited to have you. It’s $250,000.00, and you can expect to get your return in 10 years.”

Doesn’t that sound awesome? Isn’t that cool?  It’s the truth.

I’ve known several Domino’s franchise owners. Now, they may have changed it in the last couple years, but as of a couple years ago, it was $250,000.00 to start your Domino’s franchise. Your expected return to get your money back (not profit) in 10 years.

By the way, the $250,000, that’s not your 10-year expense. That’s your one-time expense.

You still got to buy the pepperoni, mozzarella, dough, and  sauce. You still got to hire the employees. And, you still got to make sure your that your delivery guy is not driving around stoned and crashing into fire hydrants.

Is Network Marketing Really That Hard?

Do you understand the opportunity you actually have with Network Marketing? I don’t think you do.

There are people like a friend of mine, a joe by the name Jeff out of Sarasota, Florida. He made a $100 million in network marketing commissions.

I don’t know how many franchises they sell each day or month. But there’s a handful of people every month dropping $250,000.00 on a Domino’s franchise knowing it’s going to take them 10 years to get back their investment.

Yet, people are like, “Network marketing is hard, so hard.”

Really? Of any business you could possibly do, of any business you could possibly do it’s the lowest risk, lowest start up and lowest overhead.

Business Start Up Cost

Or, hey, you can go on Shark Tank.

You could get you life savings, put your entire life savings into it. Be mixing up the soap in your basement or whatever else. Wipe out your IRA, your investment accounts and put it all into finding a trademark attorney, copyright.

“How do I legally ship this across state lines? Is it legal?”  Who knows?

“Does somebody already own this idea, and I’m going to get sued for patent infringement?”

Then, go on Shark Tank and get away half to the sharks for introducing you to some people.

You could go that route too.

Or you could join a network marketing company for let’s say $1,000 bucks, couple hundred bucks a month. Go to the events, maybe $2,000 bucks a year, and not have to have a trademark attorney. Not have to give up half your equity, not have to have hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Guess what? You don’t even have to ship the products. You don’t have to mix the butter. You don’t have to sprinkle the cream. You don’t have to answer the phones for customer support when they can’t find their order. You don’t have to figure out the comp plan. It’s all done for you.

All you got to do is point people to a video. “Hey, are you open to this thing? Hey, are you open to my chronic service of opportunity? No? Okay.” You go on to the next person.

What’s Hard

You know what’s hard?

What’s hard is working a job you hate all your life.

What’s hard is working for someone that doesn’t appreciate you. What’s hard is trading dollars for hours your entire life until your back is breaking.

Some of you all, people work at a salon. You got carpel tunnel. Your fingers hurt. You got arthritis in you knees from standing all day. That’s hard, and you don’t have any residual income. That’s hard.

Hard for you to spend $1,000 bucks, couple $1,000 bucks a year to point people to a video, to point people to a presentation, to give someone a sample, to invite someone to a presentation. That’s hard?

Guys, if you want the rewards in your life, network marketing is about the easiest way to even do it as far as risk, as far as reward, as far as overhead.

[mashtweet tweet=”If you want the rewards in your life, network marketing is about the easiest way to even do it as far as risk, reward, and overhead.” quote=”If you want the rewards in your life, network marketing is about the easiest way to even do it as far as risk, reward, and overhead.”]

Is Your Product or Service a Good Value?

I would suggest  (also not a requirement), that you believe your product, service or opportunity is a good value.

If you are passionate about it, then awesome. It’s just not a requirement for you to be a business owner. It’s just not.

Do you think the people that own a janitorial company just love mopping? They’re a business owner.

Does every person that owns a roofing company, they just live shingles. “Man, nothing at the end of the day like being on top of this black tar on a hot day in Florida. Man, nothing like it.” No. It’s like 1.2 million degrees up there, and no one wants to be on that roof.

They’re solving a problem in the marketplace. You can too.

If don’t want to lose weight, or if you don’t have weight to lose, could you promote a weight-loos product? Well, yeah, because there’s demand there. You’re solving a problem that’s in the marketplace.

Again, am I saying, don’t be passionate? Don’t get this twisted. I know people love to get stuff twisted and get offended. Right? “I’m offended.” Like there’s a reward for it.

Guess what? Your offense doesn’t reward you a damn thing other than wasting your mental energy.

Don’t get it twisted. If you can be fired up about it, passionate about it, then that is absolutely a plus. That’s absolutely awesome. It’s just not a requirement.

Did you find that helpful?

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How many people need to see that last part right there? Tag them. Tag them or share this. How many people need to understand and put it into perspective? How many people need to put network marketing into perspective?

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