What to do if your Candidate Lost

Whether you agree with the electoral votes or not, the election is over and now it’s time to move on. Here are some suggestions for you if your candidate lost.

Mentally Moving On…

1. Stop crying. There’s nothing you can do about it. I heard many people say they were going to become ex-pats and move to Panama, Costa Rica, or the new city being built in Honduras but I doubt many will. That being said, stop crying about it, there’s nothing you can do to change the election so deal with it.

2. Focus on you. Good president, bad president, it is all gonna come down to YOU and how you continue to grow. Work harder and smarter and do the daily method of operation that will create wealth and abundance for you. If you spend your days complaining about things outside of your control, well, you will be like the mass mediocre and sit around wishing for things to be better when you can better utilize your time by becoming better. Read books, attend events, get smarter in this economy and you can still have a great life in this country. Just because your candidate lost doesn’t mean “you are screwed” as I saw some publicly announce on Facebook. YOU control your destiny, not someone in the white house.

Financially Moving On…

1. Buy gold and silver. If your candidate lost, you are probably already aware that gold and silver are poised to go up. Personally, I prefer silver. If you listen to the Mike Maloney’s and Robert Kiyosaki’s of the world, they predict gold will go to $10,000+ an ounce and silver $1,000+ an ounce. If that is the case, silver will be much easier to barter with and it is quite affordable right now. Some may argue that food and guns are more important but you will always need something to barter with and I think silver is the best option. I get newsletters from around the world and multiple countries are being pounded with bullion buys right now with the election results in. This is not doom and gloom but all you can do is take advantage of opportunity. Here are a few ways to get gold or silver.

A. Buy bullion. If you have plenty of money and are just looking to hedge against the dollar and do not need an income or tax advantages, buy bullion. Feel free to give my guy Josh a call at 800-949-4653, ext 2154, if you tell him I sent you, I think I get a toaster or something lol. But seriously, he might give you a break on shipping as I do order from them.

B. If you could use some income and want to profit from the increased interest in gold and silver, you can check out my company Numis. I don’t care if you don’t like numis coins or prefer bullion, I get my silver for free as I referred customers as well as tax advantages and of course, commissions. If you don’t need income or tax advantages or to get silver for free, just stick with buying bullion.

C. If you don’t think it is smart to get gold and silver now, you can just do the least by opting in at this page (Free Silver Giveaway), it is a daily silver giveaway a company does where you might win an ounce of silver, again, the least anyone could do to get their hands on a tiny amount of silver.

2. Get smart with your estate planning. Romney was going to do away with the estate tax which, would have put a lot of financial planners out of business, but, now with it here to stay, be smart. Shoot me an email if you would like me to share my guy with you, who does free financial overviews for people regardless of their net worth. My email is [email protected]

3. Make money. Taxes are going to be higher to cover more government programs, many thought this would only apply to those making $250,000 a year but the thing is, those making that amount are smart enough to make more and create more tax shelters, it is the middle class employee that is going to be hammered. Don’t get upset by this, but do something about it. If you are an employee and don’t have a home business, go get one, you will at least get some tax advantages. Whether it’s the latest yummy shakes, juicy juice, or assets, get a home business. On average it will save you $500-$700 with the new tax stuff going on.

Disclaimer: These are my opinions. This is not meant to be financial advice, just my opinion. Take it with a grain of salt or do your research. The one good thing about the election being over is now social media will go back to normal to focus on the WMD’s (weapons of mass distraction) that keep most people’s heads in the clouds like Britanny’s hair color or Bieber hitting puberty =). Get over it if your candidate lost, move on, become better and do your best my friends.

To Your Abundance!

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