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Here’s one of the Rank Makers Trainings that many leaders in Rank Makers wanted to share with their team.

In this training I share exactly what to do if you are recruiting but aren’t getting any duplication on your team.

What To Do If You Are Recruiting But Not Getting Any Duplication In Your MLM Downline

So, July of 2009, I had failed in a bunch of different network marketing companies and it wasn’t their fault. It was my fault. It was a combination of things, actually. Some was upline fault, but really, at the end of the day, it’s still my fault. Even when it’s your upline’s fault, it’s your fault.

[mashtweet tweet=”Even when it’s your upline’s fault, it’s your fault.” quote=”Even when it’s your upline’s fault, it’s your fault.”]

So, I failed in a bunch of different companies for different reasons. I was in foreclosure, dead broke, a million dollars in debt, being chased by bill collectors. I’d gone through a divorce. I’d gone through engagement, disengagement. My girlfriend at the time was paying my utility bills (now my beautiful wife, Jessica).


And so I’m at a pretty low point, not feeling great about myself, but I decide I’m going to make it happen. And that’s a very important distinction. I decided I was going to make it happen.

So there’s all the time prior to that that was filled with:

  • Doubt
  • Feelings of unworthiness
  • Thoughts of “I’m not good enough. What’s wrong with me?”

And then there’s just the decision that I’m going to make it happen.

Now, decision is a powerful word. It means the cutting off of all other options. So decide, there’s other words that are similar. Genocide, suicide, homicide. It’s the killing off of other options. That’s what that word derives from, cide. So decide is the killing off of other options.

So after that decision, I no longer thought about doubt. I no longer thought about, “Am I good enough?” I no longer thought about those things.

Now, they may creep up from time to time, but never, never on a more than four-minute basis did I sit there and, “Oh, woe is me. Why?” None of that stuff. It just didn’t exist any longer.

Where Am I Going?

The point of decision, doubt was eradicated, destroyed, and then we moved forward with the sole focus of, “Where am I going?”

  • I’d get punched in the face. “Where am I going?”
  • I would get rejected. “Where am I going?”
  • I would have someone quit on me. “Where am I going?”
  • I’d have someone say that this will never work. “Where am I going?”
  • I’d have a change in the comp plan, and my money would go down. “Where am I going?”

And this is the difference between someone who’s successful and someone who’s not.

It’s not the existing circumstances, because there’s always someone in worse shape than you that has gone on and created success anyway.

[mashtweet tweet=”It’s not the existing circumstances, because there’s always someone in worse shape than you that has gone on and created success anyway.” quote=”It’s not the existing circumstances, because there’s always someone in worse shape than you that has gone on and created success anyway.”]

So, it’s never the circumstances, ever.

There are people that are sitting in the lap of luxury, they have everything going for them, not successful. They still find something to complain about.

And they are people that have been destroyed by financial, health devastation, family loss, illness, crime, all kinds of stuff, that went on to create success anyway.

It’s not obstacles. It’s how you think and what you’re focused on.

So, you’re either focused on where you’re going or you’re not and you won’t get there. Very important.

How I Got My Team Duplicating

With this newfound decision, did everything just go smoothly? Well, let me tell you, I really wish.

Now, in that fifth month, I just so happened to recruit a guy who then went out in the next 90 days and killed it. He personally recruited 250 people in the next 90 days, built a team of thousands and thousands and thousands of people, and I went on to become the number one incomer of that company. But if you would have evaluated me at five months, you would say, “This guy’s a good recruiter, sucks as a leader. Sucks.”

Now, again, I didn’t know all the duplication and all the culture stuff that we teach in the Branding & Duplication Playbook. I didn’t know all of that stuff. And some people, they recruit two people and they’re like, “Oh, my God. They’re not doing anything. What the hell? What’s going on here? Geez. Geez Louise.”

When I brought them in I said, “Hey, listen. Let me know if you need anything. I’m here for you, but I’m bringing more people in.”

I told them that because what I did understand is I understood that I wanted to inspire them. I wanted to inspire them not with my magical words. “Oh, you can do it, guys. You’re great.” Not with my magical words, but with my actions.

Now, something pretty remarkable happened in that fifth month. So. I recruit super dude, and he goes on to crush it, and something funny happened. Some of the people that I had originally recruited who hadn’t done a damn thing, all of the sudden, they woke up. All of the sudden, they woke up, and they got to work. So they witnessed somebody other than me recruiting, and that fired them up. I had at least one, maybe two people, that I had recruited in the original five months that hadn’t done a damn thing go on to become six-figure-a-year earners.

Don’t Beat Yourself Up

People look for what’s wrong with themselves like there’s a damn reward for it, like there’s nowhere on the tracker of, “How much did you beat yourself up, huh? Only two hours this week? Well, then no reward for you.”

There’s no reward for beating yourself up. In fact, it’s pretty selfish. It’s going to sting.

It’s selfish for you to beat yourself up while there are people out there looking for opportunity and looking for your product, looking for your service.

Yet, you’re sitting there saying, “What’s wrong with me? I’m not a good leader. I’m not doing enough.”

Stop it. Stop beating yourself up. The world is not impacted with all the time you spend beating yourself up. It’s not. It’s not helped, you’re not helped, the single moms aren’t helped, the disabled veterans aren’t helped, the people that lost family members aren’t helped, the people struggling with financial distress or health distress aren’t helped. No one’s helped, so stop beating yourself up. Stop it.

You got to have a little bit of patience.

So, if you’ve been recruiting for five months and you have zero duplication, in fact, it’s negative, congratulations. You may go on to be the number one incomer of your company if you just stay focused on where you’re going.

But if you beat yourself up, then you will never, ever, ever, ever get there, and you’ll never impact the amount of people you could have. You got to stop it.

Now, what if you were in two years? Let’s say you’re in two years with no duplication. Guess what? What’s the alternative? Are you going to stop, just say, “Well, no duplication. I guess I’m just going to quit. I’ll stop possibly impacting people.” Stop it. I know people that were in this industry for years and years and years and years before they got duplication and took off like crazy.


So, what do you do if you recruit someone and they’re not doing anything, they disappear off the radar?

When you recruited them, you attached a homing beacon, and you’re checking your device and you can’t even find them, like, “Rep not found. Rep not found. Rep not found.” You issue a missing persons report. FBI’s out looking for it, scanning, using satellites. You can’t find them.

If you can’t get them, then just send them a message. Say, “Hey, I’m here if you need me. Love you. I’m bringing in some new, awesome people, but I’m here for you if you need me. Love you. Appreciate you so much.”

Send them gratitude, not grief.

Send them gratitude and send them love. Make them feel good, whether you can find them or not. Make them feel good whether they respond to you or not. Send them a compliment on Facebook. Doesn’t matter.

Say, “Hey, appreciate you. If you need me, I’m here for you.”

But, stop climbing up in the lifeguard chair and saying, “All right, you go recruit. Why aren’t you recruiting?” YOU go recruit.

You go make it happen. Be the inspiration. Stop waiting on others to create your destiny. Stop waiting on others to fix your financial problems. You go fix them.

And if you just do that enough, if you show up enough, if you stay focused … and guess what? You’re going to have people talk shit about you. If you don’t, you’re just not playing big enough. You’re going to get all that stuff.

Will You Stay Focused?

Will you stay focused on where you’re going? That’s the only question. You either will or you won’t.

You’ll either be a broken body on the side of the road, or you’ll be focused on where you’re going.

I was oblivious that no one was doing anything. I didn’t sit there and refresh my back office. “What are they doing, man? I sure hope they recruit.” Instead, I was too busy talking to people. I was too busy reaching out. And, I was too busy doing the things that I prayed upon a star that they would do.

Stop waiting for them to do a damn thing.

And also, stop making them feel bad if they don’t have the level of desire that you have. Love them for being there.

It’s WAY More Than The Check

If you believe in your product, your service, your opportunity, why would what others are doing in your organization dictate you going and impacting other human beings?

Let me tell you. If you’re only doing this for money, you’re going to have a tough time.

If you’re only doing this for the check, you’re analyzing your time, you’re analyzing the duplication, and you don’t give a rat’s ass about impacting people with your product, your service, your opportunity, helping people be in a community, helping people with great culture feel better about themselves, get more inspired.

It doesn’t make sense because you’re going to analyze your time, and you’re going to say, “Well, I could have worked a job and made more.” Yeah, you could have.

“Well, I could have sold something else and made more.” Yep. You could have, unless you keep going. And then all of the sudden you start getting some duplication. All of the sudden, you start getting some people that bring in a leader. You didn’t personally recruit them, but they did. It’s crazy.

Do you know how many people in the world need a community? Almost everyone. So many people are depressed. So many people are down on themselves. They’re beating themselves up. They don’t have a supportive network. Just get them in the network, get them around the campfire, and whether they make financial success or not, they’re better off.

If you think like that versus, “They’re not doing anything. Loser. Wrong person. I got to prospect better people because you suck.” It’s one of the problems with this damn profession is that we think that just because someone doesn’t take off, they’re a loser or they’re not good enough.

Well, guess what? Maybe they’re happy just being around people that are uplifting, being around people that are inspirational. Isn’t that good enough? Isn’t it good enough to make someone feel better? Is it worthwhile? I think it is.

I mean if our mission is just to make people feel good. NOT, “They got to be a six-figure-earner or they’re a loser.”

Love Your Team

If we just focus on how do we make people feel good? How do we make people feel better?” If we just do that, then we’re doing a fantastic job, and at the end of our days on our funeral, people are going to come by the swarms. People are going to come and say, “Yeah, that person was dedicated to making people feel better.” Good for you.

Welcome them, love them, high-five them, selfie, hug. Do all that stuff.

Make them feel good. They’ll stick around longer. They’ll feel better.

They may not go on to be six-figure-earners, but that shouldn’t be a requirement for you to be happy or for them to be happy.

There are people in your organization that aren’t doing a damn thing, and they’re okay with it. You be okay with it. Inspire them with your action. Bring in more people. Show them how it’s done.

Again, this video was pulled from our Rank Makers Private Group. If you like this training, you may consider getting on the Rank Makers Waitlist.

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